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with a demonstrated history of working in the music industry. The Old CATV Equipment Museum Early cable TV: Newspaper Radio Logs New York, LA Chicago and Washington radio logs 1930-1960 -LINK- Here you will find my collection of jingle demos and a few IDs as well. At an MOR station, such as KASY, the delivery was kind of laid back and presented in an adult Jun 10, 2019 · Great idea for a thread. 50 years ago today: BBC Radio 1 aired "The Beatles Today", featuring George Harrison talking to Johnny Moran. Here’s my list. NET - W2INR's Outstanding AM Radio Web Page. Thank Goodness for Cleveland Radio! Cleveland has always been a big radio town. 25 Sep 2014 The way it was on the airwaves 50 years ago. CHRS focuses on telling the story of radio through the decades to all age groups in the most interesting manner. http://rareairchecks. Buckley running (Lindsay won), it was a cold 43 degrees, cigarettes were still being advertised on the radio, banks paid 4 Enjoy the hits of the '70s for free online with unlimited skips. Radio 1 Vintage, Radio 2, Radio 4, Radio 5, Radio Aire / Aire FM, Radio Aire 2, Radio Borders, Radio Broadland / Broadland FM, Radio City Gold / Radio City  LLCR broadcast on 1035 kHz AM using the old Capitol Radio rig which had been on 1017 kHz until shortly before then. May 09, 2002 · Radio Patter From the Past: Vintage D. An in Jul 16, 2014 · Generally, radio fans (especially vintage-radio fans and history buffs) do not listen to airchecks for the music, but for the DJs. Anyone who has deejayed in radio in the  Site with a large archive of old radio station surveys and other info, including airchecks. Jan 11, 2009 · Definition: a radio disc jockey (DJ) technique where the deejay announces the title and/or artist of the song or songs he just played. Originally Broadcast to the European Continent from Maidstone in Kent, England via the Astra Satellite System and now part of the East Kent Radio’s Digital Network. 93/KHJ CD Radio Aircheck ~ April 02 1969 The Real Don Steele & BONUS KHJ MAGNET. Here's a link to an aircheck of WJAC-AM from 1970. Rather than seeking out the artificially generated digital sound that is so popular today, we dig the warm, analog sound of yesteryear and the comforting, nostalgic tones of good old-fashioned radio waves transmitting voices and music through vacuum tubes. Plus other items as well. The FIRST and ORIGINAL Radio Aircheck site designed by broadcasters and Our focus is Top 40 radio from 1955 to 1989. The California Historical Radio Society ("CHRS') is a non-profit organization centered on the history of radio and radio broadcasting, including important offshoots such as vintage TV, amateur radio and HiFi. Instead of sleek, cutting edge stereo equipment, we prefer the unique look of vintage radios. July 15, 2014 at 4:44 AM (PT). I still remember every single DJ listed for WOKI in 1980. Brand New Hello! I grew up with AM Top 40 radio in the 70. Some of the earliest radio broadcasts were in Cleveland and it was one of the first major cities to have regular commercial radio broadcasts. This Radio 1 - Mike Smith Oct 30th 1982 (10'45) Radio 1 - Adrian Juste Nov 13th 1982 (14'33) Radio 1 - Steve Wright in the Afternoon Dec 28th 1982 (10'34) Radio 1 - Gary Davies Apr 4th 1983 (11'44) Radio 1 - Mike Read Mar 17th 1983 (11'40) Radio 1 - Tommy Vance Jul 24th 1983 (1'27) Jul 18, 2019 · Free 60s 70s 80s 90s Radios Music. I did enjoy trading and still enjoy listening to the airchecks I managed to collect. Radio Geronimo beamed a far-out mix of cosmic music and anarchic presentation through the Spring and Summer of 1970. Majorettes. Block plugging Del Monte canned vegetables and Liggett & Myers Cigarettes intact but all of the songs cut out. will help keep this site online He also wrote Jazzbo …On The Radio which appears elsewhere on the museum’s website. California Aircheck offers current radio airchecks from all across North America, video radio airchecks shot in the studio of America's top stations and classic top 40 airchecks form the 50s to the 80s. This website is dedicated to the history of radio stations from the 1950’s to the late 1980’s. com is a labor of love by several former WOWO staffers and Fort Wayne radio history buffs. ReelRadioLogo2014. WABC history, surveys, airchecks, jingles. These are recordings made of WABC as a Top 40 radio station. I'  30 Dec 2018 On this page you'll find downloadable WAKY airchecks in MP3 format. . 95. Dec 02, 2019 · Dr. Definition: a radio disc jockey (DJ) technique where the deejay announces the title and/or artist of the song or songs he just played. We exhibit scoped radio station airchecks, music surveys, promotions, interesting radio articles, tribute pages and more. com) features airchecks, articles, advertisements and other documentation about New York radio culled from the air, from journals and newspapers of the day. Dec 07, 2015 · Wendy King, Former Co-Host Of KDKA’s “Party Line”, Dies At 92. In the 1970’s it was labeled Doo-Wop. Philadelphia's radio market is ranked the seventh largest in the United States by Arbitron's ranking system, and WMMR was the leading rock format station in the market, with a market share of 4. ) Rare Airchecks from the 60s,70s and 80s. The Radio Spirits content library consists of more than 60,000 classic radio shows. I've recently been listening to airchecks as much as (if not more than) my CDs, records and streaming services. Major, large, medium, and small markets. radio, point your web browser to the Reel Radio Repository, where you can find vintage airchecks of top-40 stations. ) I got a R/R tape the other day in an eBay lot that had a Dr. Most of the air checks I have were made from the Springfield MA area (airchecks I have posted here are from the northeast US). It's a great contribution from Andy Bologovsky. Vintage and antique Radio classified ads plus radio events listings, a links directory, radio news, and articles! Twin Cities Radio Airchecks Welcome to the Radio Timeline. These airchecks from the summer of 1968 – when music still reigned on AM radio, are unscoped. These airchecks came from other people. Here's one from my hometown of Indianapolis. Tim's WAPE & DC/101 Airchecks. Since WABC was a full-service radio station and we get to hear the news, we learn that the workers at the NY Times were on strike, we were a month away from the mayoral election with John Lindsay, Abe Beame and William F. This library consists of popular Old-Time Radio programs, including vintage comedy, mystery, detective, adventure and suspense programs such as The Jack Benny Show, The Shadow, Fibber McGee and Molly, Abbott & Costello and much more. Events of 1962 And Local 60's Radio Airchecks . I went ahead and restored the aircheck to its original length by reinserting all of the music. This aircheck of KDEO, from 10 years earlier, showcases a jock who became a legend in London, Ontario, radio. be The New York Radio Archive (NYRadioArchive. FMAirchecks is the home of the next generation of classic radio featuring scoped recordings from the mid 1980s through early 2000’s. Rock Radio Scrapbook says thanks Ted for sharing this aircheck. These are not simple airchecks, but rather are collections of airchecks, special shows, countdown shows, and so forth. We have remastered and placed on CD's Actual uncut radio shows from the 50s to the 70s. I'm always adding new material, so check back often Jul 31, 2018 · Radio-Active Commercials 1955-1964 (Ads we tuned in on the radio in the good old days. com. AMERICAN TOP 40 SHOWS with Host Casey Kasem. Jul 14, 2015 · Other Radio-Related Material. Paul Radio Airchecks Old Radio Clubs Alabama Historical  17 Jun 2017 We don't want to give new problems, old solutions. By Marc Weingarten. Airchecks are recordings of radio stations. 3 aircheck from 1981 when the station was top 40. ) AMFONE. CBS Radio  FMQB Radio Aircheck Vault -Top40 Airchecks To listen to the airchecks listed below, please click on the station logo, or the icon. edu, Boynotn Beach, Florida, 8. Radio, Sound, and Radio Host. 17 Jun 2015 Anyone Into Radio Airchecks? Every time I find an old used blank tape, I give it a listen and hope to find good off the air recordings. The list only contains the airchecks that are currently not available online on various web pages and file sharing services, including eg. I have had moderate success in logic by using a wah pedal, fuzzbox and a vinyl audio plugin, but it's not exactly the same thing. Stay tuned in the next few days for a clip of Ashley Adams doing the afternoon show on WLIQ-AM 1340. K-Lakes went. com - Historic Minneapolis/ St. John. First, the obvious; if you grew up with WABC or Top 40 radio there is a feeling of nostalgia when you hear things from the past. The official internet home and archive in memory of Alan Freed, the American disk jockey who coined the phrase, 'Rock and Roll' Radio is unique in that, unlike other media forms, there is no easy access to old music radio shows. Our main source of income is the sale of actual vintage mostly rock radio programs from the 50s to the 70s. Demento show that was previously on the reel but title had been scratched out and audio copied over with garbage. There are currently no . 9, in August 2008. WHAS Radio News Covers the April 3, 1974 Tornado Disaster. All AM-FM radio shows are Un-Scoped as heard back then in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. While the RIAA policing machinery might be incapable of fine distinctions in use and publishing intent, we wish a human would step in. WHK was the first radio station in Cleveland, and one of the first five radio stations to broadcast in the entire US. Click on the appropriate link. jpg Real RIAA Problems. Others have come and gone but the Aircheck Factory goes on. I was actually quite friendly with Michael Henry Martin, and was a "regular" on Brother John's "Boogie Check". From left: Royce Johnson, Mike Phillips, Bobby Dale, Steve O'Shea, Howard Clark, Ed Mitchell and Glenn Adams. 1970-07-11 1970-09-15 Be sure to visit radiowest. ** - NEW Additions ENGLAND RADIO LONDON/Dave Dennis 06/25/65 90:00 They were the men behind the music playing the hits on AM radio. Join millions of people using Oodle to find unique used cars for sale, certified pre-owned car listings, and new car classifieds. Paul Radio Airchecks Old Radio Clubs Alabama Historical Radio Society Antique Radio Club of Illinois Antique Wireless Association California Historical Radio Society Learn about WXYZ Radio Museum , Vintage Electronics in Detroit, Michigan. VINTAGE RADIO SERVICE (VRS) For The Collector And Hobbyist. 6 Jan 2020 According to KROQ's Freddy Snakeskin, Banister was 69 years old and Com, a virtual museum of radio airchecks focusing on top-40 stations  29 Jul 2019 The film is an homage to Los Angeles in 1969, and features radio each tune makes it feels fresh, even though the airchecks are 50 years old. At the time, 1300 in Albany was a 5000 watt country formatted daytimer. 5 WWDB, WIBG 99, 56 WFIL, & 610 WIP. ] My tattered copy of the Australian Radio Almanac (c. Living Letters. This page was formerly my radio aircheck recording trading list, after 14 years I decided to give up trading. . Stream Tracks and Playlists from Old Radio Jingles on your desktop or mobile device. [1] Dec 20, 2019 · If you are looking for a lightweight media player that can also help you listen to online radio stations and download videos from the Internet, you should try QMPlay2. 3) - Airchecks from the final day of the station on September 3, 2012. Airchecks on a regular basis by subscription, chances are the reference was to The Aircheck Factory. MusicRadio Airchecks -Greatest AM-FM Radio Shows from the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s,2000 on CDs & by Digital Mp3 Instant downloads. The stickup went bad, and the bandit, John Wojtowicz and an accomplice, were trapped by police inside the bank with seven hostages. After the The 'master' was perhaps three generations old. Production and Equipment sources, Music, Charts, Show Prep, and Mix Jocks. Remember, these came from the basement of a radio station, headed for the dumpster. Goals of my proposition. com is the home of WFIL radio in the 1960's and 70's featuring airchecks,jingles,and memories 2 Vintage WFIL T-Shirts! Click above to hear more vintage broadcast radio airchecks from the Reel Radio Repository. Radio is ephemeral. Listen to your favorite radio stations at Streema. And a Word from Brian Wood __ WABX. The introduction to this web site and why WABC was the "greatest Top 40 radio station of all time". This Page Is For People Who Have A Passion For Old Radio Jingles That Are Not In Use On Todays Radio. Our aircheck exhibits are recordings of one-time radio broadcasts, both full-length and "Scoped". TEN vintage reel to reel tapes being sold as blank because of age. com For Playing Complete Songs On Old Airchecks. 100% of sales of these broadcasts - Go to keeping Rock-it Radio Online and playing roots Americana 50s to 70s Rock & Roll. Growing up listening to a Radio where DJ's and the songs were great. 1 Karns in 2001 when WMYU 102. 3 MHz FM. Live stream plus station schedule and song playlist. Radiojock. Run by Tom Konard, you can subscribe to a number of services including Vintage Airchecks, Current Airchecks, or Special Documentary Features. e-mail me today any questions. This is no mere nostalgia trip; Aircheck seeks out some of the more unusual and unpredictable moments and personalities in radio that probably wouldn't get attention anywhere else. On the left is a 1968 aircheck of "Sunny Jim" Kelsey, a morning show host at DC soul music station WOL (1450 AM) in the 1960s and 1970s. Collections of short airchecks from a variety of stations. Old movies and TV shows continue to be shown on network or cable TV, and can be rented/purchased on tapes or DVD. Great to hear these vintage airchecks by some of my co-workers again! Too bad there doesn't seem to be any of me - I was "Dick Fisher" on WALL from 1976-78, and did the Sunday night "Time Machine" oldies show! 2016-05-27 18:09:29, Stewart Tick, tick_s@firn. The commercials and newscast are the only short breaks in the flow of the music. Listening to the radio is one of my favorite childhood memories. Group Harmony was a part of that sound. They changed their call letters to WIFE from the old WISH-AM around 1963 and were the only real rockers in town for several years. These airchecks showcase the great music, that “KASY Kind of Music”. Not to mention All good things must come to endeven legendary radio stations like WAKY. New York City Broadcasting History A message board about radio in New York. Please note I currently only ship Sep 05, 2010 · [Update: The Radio Antenna blog has a growing collection of Australian airchecks from several decades, See also their Facebook page. ca, a superb radio site hosted by Ted Wendland. Acetate Records. There are many different levels to listen to in the WABC Airchecks. Find Classic Cars for Sale in Knoxville on Oodle Classifieds. com website! Our 19th year online with over 450,000 visitors since 1999. Country, Rock and Soul radio from years-gone-by. If you like the the vintage music or oldies, definitely this application is for you, since here you will find the main radio stations of the world specialized in music of the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. Airchecks, jingles, photos, logos, history and forums - radiowest. Membership is free, secure and easy. We focus primarily on Top 40/CHR and its various permutations. HUDSON VALLEY TIME MACHINE - MONROE, NEW YORK- Where you'll hear vintage Radio Commercials, Old Radio Jingles, Rare Songs and Un scoped radio Airchecks . The address is The Aircheck Factory Old S'Kool Stuff is where you will find all kinds of memorabilia, from radio airchecks, old time radio shows, music memorabilia, CD's, tapes; cassettes and 8 tracks, vintage auto parts, vintage automotive memorabilia and many more things that are old school. 17 Mar 2019 Various Mediumwave Airchecks: 1969 - 1978 I was an 18-year-old shortwave listener who collected QSL cards from international stations,  Over 300 vintage airchecks which you won't hear elsewhere. A site devoted to the history of radio and TV broadcasting in Des Moines and Central Iowa experience Des Moines broadcast history in sight and sound relive Des Moines radio and Des Moines Television Experienced inProducing music radio cds. Browse or search for your favorite AM-FM radio shows at my website. This has pieces of all the DJ's, including long-time morning host Frank Dell. com Welcome to RadioTapes. The Reel Top 40 Radio Repository, sometimes called REELRADIO, is a virtual museum of radio broadcasts, primarily airchecks from the "Top 40" era of radio in North America. Special thanks for aircheck and jingle contributions from Chris Roberts, Warren Maurer, Jim Cassell, Bob K, and Chris Witting. Demento has an archive where you can stream for $2 a show. com Updated April 15, 2020 collection eye 282,594 Opie and Anthony is an American radio show co-hosted by Gregg "Opie" Hughes and Anthony Cumia that aired from 1995 to 2014, with comedian Jim Norton serving as third mic beginning in 2001. 103. com AIRCHECK SAMPLE As many of you know Rock-it Radio is fighting hard to survive into 2019. every Thursday (California time) on the online radio station Luxuria, playing vintage pop, surf, garage and lounge music in classic 1960s Top 40 style. Be sure to visit my Online Store on the Top Menu. Choose one of our seventies music stations, and hear all of your favorites. (1999/05/07) Countdown Shows. Musicradio WABC Airchecks. Listen to Rick Shaw pre-WQAM Airchecks from KICN, WCKR and WIOD Click here Doing a show for Armed Forces Radio, 36:46 Old Jingles Page. reelradio. Aircheck Compilations. The quality of the aircheck is great and the DJ had such a great voice back then. The station is owned by Greater Media. " That's where these discs came into play. 1968), lists only Stuart Jay under 5KA. At an MOR station, such as KASY, the delivery was kind of laid back and presented in an adult Miscellaneous Aircheck Material. As a kid, I listened to a lot of urban radio on WUFO and WBLK in Buffalo, and came to really love many "hip" Black DJS. Daily News & Headlines Changes & Moves Top News Stories Radio Business News Company News FCC Daily Digests FCC News & Actions Radio Daily Newsletter Report News RSS News Feed Ratings Nielsen Audio Eastlan Ratings Edison Research Podtrac Triton Digital Top Box Office If the information we crave is from the distant past, it is history, if it is malicious it may be gossip, but if it is relevant and new, it is News. back at his radio career with this special recording of a young, 18 year-old Ricky at  Our main source of income is the sale of actual vintage mostly rock radio programs from the 50s to the 70s. The format… This aircheck of Amsterdam NY radio legend Lloyd Smith from the long gone WEEE Rensselaer NY at 1300kc. It was also heard on 104 FM at a later  The New York Radio Archive (NYRadioArchive. Backsell, the blog, will feature vintage radio airchecks, primarily from the era of television. I hope all of you will stay connected to Tennessee Radio in the 1980s, because there is more to come on this website. I determined the names simply by listening to the material. Com Vintage Radio Station Author: Mark (Rory) Davies (Roaring Forties) Having come from a technical background, I needed to find something to occupy my time after finishing a number of substantial projects for Y2K (Year 2000) and taking early retirement. See more ideas about Geronimo, After midnight and Presentation. Thanks, Tim!! Download these WAPE airchecks in mp3 format: 1980 Big Ape-era aircheck (93 min) 5/20/1980 aircheck from WAPE (30 min) Download these DC/101 airchecks in mp3 Fun links to our pioneering Rock & Roll past! Sources and resources that enhanced the core of Blast from Your Past books and blogs! Links for 1950s, ‘60s & ‘70s DJs, radio history, vintage airchecks, memorabilia, stations still playing Oldies, and more! Enjoy the Moment … Again! Mar 17, 2019 · Many thanks to SRAA contributor, Russ Edmunds (WB2BJH), for sharing this collection of mediumwave airchecks dating from 1969 to 1978. I was wondering how to get that vintage old fashioned 1930s -1950s radio broadcast and/or late 1940s or 1950s style recording for spoken word. Old Time Radio Shows on custom CD, and downloadable. Cooper did A woman wants to change her 4 year old child's name, but is 4 too late to do that? Program notes from Atlanta's radio past. I'm always adding new material, so check back often . 100% all monies goes back to keeping Rock-it Radio online. Dedicated to vintage 50s thru 70s radio shows ( airchecks ) and also pirate radio THE ROCK-IT RADIO LAUNCHING PAD. 1970-07-11 1970-09-15 All of my airchecks are UNscoped with the exception of (s) scoped and (ps) partially scoped. The law firm of King  RIAA Goes After ReelRadio. If you’ve subscribed to the SRAA podcast, you might only automatically download the first of these recordings. RadioTapes. I'm sure you're already aware of the goldmines that are the Let The Universe Answer blog and the Mike Schweizer Aircheck Collection on the Archive, but anyone interested should definitely look those up; I tried to link them but it doesn't seem to be working. ** Most of the clips on this site were recorded by me or were given to me by another fan. Vintage AM-FM Radio Shows on CDs from all over the USA & Canada. There are only so many airchecks out there I'm interested in and I think I have them all. Old airchecks of radio stations I like. It is a simple application Note: The WWST calls moved from 93. Vintage Radio Service, a course in antique radio repair, is conducted over six Saturday mornings. Radio Airchecks. However, during the period we cover—the 60's in particular—there were other popular formats which have all but disappeared. PAMS creates jingle packages for radio stations worldwide. This is a rare aircheck of a segement of Pete Fornatale's "Campus Caravan" show on WFUV, when he was still a student at Fordham University and three years before he would make his debut on WNEW-FM. He executed each movement as Phillips in the sound proof control room, would smash the large button which would set off a buzzer in Engineering. European Klassik Rock. MY RADIO STATION AIRCHECK COLLECTION. On September 24, 2004 the station was WAKY. The Rock-it Radio Ebay Store sells memories. WABX-FM SEPTEMBER 19, 1970 About This Aircheck . ID: Knoxville TN Format: rock "104 WIMZ, 104IMZ" Date: Sep 17 1983 Length: 48min Media: Tape #: 1318/CD1440 DJ: Dave Ball. If you have any old recordings from Buffalo radio that you would like to share, I would love to hear from you. Radio 1 DJs past and present talk about their time at The Nation's Favourite. Sometime late in 1967, this station would give birth to a “new” radio sound. Over the years, both stations had legendary DJ’s; WFIL had … Continued Hi and welcome to the magical mystery tour of English language radio broadcast airchecks from the years 1965-1985. 5SOS - OLD ME  13 Mar 2013 amEdeo's Show · Antique Phonograph Music Program Honky Tonk Radio Girl with Becky Pat Byrne (Redundancy Radio, Prove it All Night) GLENN MILLER - Chesterfield Broadcasts: Radio Airchecks From 1940-42 such as Delilah and Skylark; two something old, new, borrowed, and blue medleys;  14 Jun 2014 From the late Fifties through the late Seventies in Philly, two AM radio stations that were a large part of our radio listening were WFIL (Famous  Download Radio 1 Vintage podcasts. Breastfeeding. North Ayrshire. New Link:Northeast Ohio Airchecks A Blog of Northeast Ohio Radio Airchecks Anyone that knows me in relation to the vintage broadcasting hobby knows that I enjoy Famous 56. My collection focuses on UNSCOPED airchecks from TOP 40 / CHR staitons from the 70s and 80s. The sound waves we receive each day race off into the cosmos where the audio events, songs and human emotions they carry bounce around the Milky Way and presumably are lost forever. Great blog! Really brought back the memories for someone who's lived in the Knoxville area since 1976, and thanks for pointing me to the "Knoxville Radio History" page. Houston Retro Radio on Facebook. Hughes first met Cumia in 1994 when he held a song parody contest on his night time show at WBAB on Long Island, New York. (I think. Wolfman Jack is featured here broadcasting from Los Angeles & New York. Rather than delete the page I figured I would use it to display some vintage radios in my collection. About 15 years years ago, I discovered the awesome hobby of aircheck trading! I have traded with prople all over the world via the internet. MusicRadio Airchecks- Vintage AM-FM Radio Shows on audio CDs. 1 in Rochester. m. Reel Radio This site is in no way affiliated with WPGC Radio today, or with. I haven't posted any old radio airchecks in the past, although I have quite a few of them. How would one achieve a sound similar to that vintage sound? Click on Tennessee Radio in the 1980s YouTube Channel and you can check out the airchecks I have posted. HTMLHEADTITLEMusicRadio AirchecksTITLEMETA NAMEdescription CONTENTVintage AMFM Radio Airchecks from all over the USA Canada All radio shows are UnScoped as heard back in the 1960s 1970s See website for complete list of radio showsMETA NAMEkeywords CONTENTairchecks, music radio airchecks, music, AMFM, Radio airchecks, DJ, DJs, AMFM WIMP Radio - (My Live Streaming Internet Radio Station! E-mail me for login info. 326 Followers. - I certify that I am over 13 years old. The Spring 2020 semester will begin April 11, 2020 at 10:00 am. CKGM 980 AM Montreal Vintage Airchecks Un-scoped on 6 CDs See List. The archives are available by streaming. I would encourage you to view and listen to all 29 rec The Shortwave Radio Audio Archive is a collection of shortwave radio recordings in both the form of a podcast and blog with embedded audio. Airchecks Radio Transcriptions. Links to other Aircheck and Radio related sites on the Web. O. These restored radio commercials are part of a broad collection housed at the Univ. Many are ones from "direct" reception and there are also a number I originally obtained a 10-minute scoped version of this with all of the spots of Mr. WIFE, 1310 AM, was the top 40 giant of Indy for years. California Aircheck offers current radio airchecks from all across North America, video radio Don't forget to check out this month's featured "Old School Video! 12 Oct 2019 Northland Antique Radio Club Links. Jun 13, 2009 · A little weekend fun here. J. Links to related websites. April 11, 2020 - May 23, 2020. Don't miss what's happening in your neighborhood. RADIOTAPES AT A GLANCE: FEATURED STATIONS: Airchecks from KDWB, KQRS, KSTP, WCCO, WDGY, WLOL, WYOO (U100) & Unlicensed Stations. The undated items seem to be from the early 70's. Descriptions are located above each sound file. Any questions? Feel free to ask by sending me an e-mail to RichM921@hotmail. The Evolution of Musicradio WABC. 1 and WWST swapped facilities; see 93. of Maryland since 1994. Dec 09, 2011 · Reader Jerry Karson sent in these wonderful old WJAC AM airchecks from 1970: Radio Fans - Time for another blast from the past. Jingles from the Collection of Don Geronimo (14:28) https://www. If you are a buffalo radio personality whose airchecks are on this site and you wish to have them removed, just ask, I will be glad to do so. Please note I currently only ship WMMR is a rock radio station in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, broadcasting at 93. com Aircheck recording of KMPX San Francisco (October 12, 1967). Minneapolis-St. They provide a complete historical record of what would be playing on the air over radio stations of the time. from other radio stations, such as WKBW, CKLW, CKY, WHIL, WCOP etc. on the air in 1984 and through the years included Pavek Hall of Fame personalities Roger Awsumb (WTCN-TV's Casey Jones) and Allen Gray (formerly of WCCO Radio). Rare Airchecks from the 60s,70s and 80s. radiotimeline. The collection grows every day and includes both historic and modern day shortwave radio audio recordings. We are actively seeking new material such as WOWO airchecks, jingles and photos. Join The AM E-Mail Reflector! KK7TV - Ham Radio Repair Extraordinaire. Radio shows include Top 40 show, Rock Radio shows, Country Radio shows, R&B Radio shows, etc. Dan Gulino's Aircheck Trading Emporium Greg Pattenaude's Aircheck List Chris Andrew's Aircheck List John Moody's Airchecks Airheads Radio Survey Archive A great collection of over 90,000 (and growing) vintage radio surveys - many with scanned images. More radio shows available at my website. Mar 15, 2007 · I have now posted a WOKI-FM 100. (In this aircheck from 1985, you'll hear a promo Jerry Howell did for Shotgun Stevens' night show on WOKI-FM 100. Scoped airchecks are shorter in length and do not include musical performances. Welcome to Joe's Radio Air Check Page! This page contains downloadable MP3 files for over 370 air checks I collected over a period of about 20 years. There is also a collection of WJAC jingles from the 1960's in the second half of the video. December 7, 2015 at 1:48 pm. Lerza as he skillfully manipulated the controls. As Vic Tripp, he currently hosts Atomic Cocktail, which runs from 5 to 6 p. The Pinapple Picador NBC WTMJ (15 Min) Starring Wendell Hall (Wednesday All Ballad Show) - 2/4/1931 5 May 2015 - Radio Geronimo broadcast from February to October 1970 after midnight to 3 AM. com - Historic Minneapolis/St. Come back often to see what's new on the New York Radio Archive as we'll be posting new air-checks and other archival material regularly. ca has it all. The History of WOWO. The site's "About" page states: "ARSA is a non-profit, non-commercial site  Radio airchecks from the 1960s through 1980s from DJs and radio personalities that inspired me to get into radio, from Ron Britain at WCFL to Jack Armstrong at  9 May 2002 It is a 1953 recording of a legendary Memphis disc jockey, Dewey Phillips -- one of nearly 1,000 radio recordings, or airchecks, to be found at  Second, if you are a fan of Top 40 radio, these airchecks provide a real PAMS to supply the station with jingles so they could not use the old Dan Ingram jingle. 1940sRadio. Pete Fornatale interviews John Zacherley [scoped-mono] WFUV - October 15, 1966. Choose a DJ's airchecks by selecting his picture or show all the air checks. If the recording features complete songs, commercials, jingles, and DJ patter, it is an "unscoped" aircheck. AFVN Recordings (Armed Forces Vietnam An available peerless vintage TV Audio Air Check Archive preserving tens of thousands of original one-of-a-kind television soundtracks, representing the only broadcast record of an original lost or unobtainable 1950s, 1960s, & 1970s live or video-taped television program. (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) — Long-time listeners of KDKA Radio would remember Ed and Wendy King GARY'S RADIO AIRCHECKS AIRCHECKS FROM OTHER COUNTRIES. Please let me know if there are any errors. ) Apr 05, 2018 · Vintage Trailers. The content was originally recorded via childhood “mixtapes” and trading with other radio enthusiasts. Once again, an hour of radio ghosts recaptured: once in a lifetime occurances and remembrances (some from WFMU's own archives). These transcriptions are now appearing on Ebay by the hundreds, usually with an opening bid of $9. I recorded Airchecks in RED. These songs would become a soundtrack of an era that produced a brand new sound… “Rock & Roll”. Your tax-deductible contribution to REELRADIO, Inc. Available now. Welcome to Dave's Airchecks Your Full-Service Source for all your Vintage Radio Airchecks Un-Scoped on CDs -Also check my new MP3 Instant Download radio shows, and ask about the availability of the radio shows on cassette tapes by special requests. that I happen to have in my collection. All of my airchecks are UNscoped with the exception of (s) scoped and (ps) partially scoped. davefrmn2019@gmail. 26 Tracks. Johnny Moran (then BBC, later Hallam Radio  19 Jan 2017 Opie and Anthony is an American radio show co-hosted by Gregg "Opie" Hughes and Anthony Cumia that aired from 1995 to 2014, with  Over 3500 classic airchecks. Cigarette ads Radio commercials 50's advertising Old radio Vintage commercials These advertising samples are from LAB, the Library of American Broadcasting. Dick Williams started in radio in 1956 at CKCR Kitchener, Ontario, then jocked south of the border before returning to Canada in 1961 at CFPL London. Recorded off the air by Mike Schweizer, these airchecks include commercials, songs, and DJ interludes. Be sure to visit radiowest. I have quite a few Airchecks to post from the late 70's / early 80's. WHK was the first radio station in Cleveland, and one of the first five radio stations A favorite category of airchecks for many is "old time radio," recordings from  MusicRadio Airchecks -Greatest AM-FM Radio Shows from the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s,2000 on CDs & by Digital Mp3 Instant downloads. Rather than delete the page I figured I would use it to display some vintage radios  Former radio host Dr Laura has some racist and bigoted ideas. My proposal for airchecks intends to push (cooperative) self-  I did enjoy trading and still enjoy listening to the airchecks I managed to collect. Jack's now retired and playing with his Saabs and trains in a suburb of Rochester. 3) All of these airchecks are courtesy of Chad Austin. More content will be posted as time progresses. From the late Fifties through the late Seventies in Philly, two AM radio stations that were a large part of our radio listening were WFIL (Famous 56) and WIBG (Wibbage). Airchecks of radio from days gone by! A Complete Aircheck List YESTERDIAL list of airchecks available corrected to December 2009 (to order please contact us at: yesterdial@skynet. Old Time Radio News shows are give modern listeners a peek into the major world events of yesteryear. If you listened to FM radio from the late-1960s through the 1970s, chances are you remember those legendary calls today. Radio Station Photos Chasing Ghosts: WFMU Airchecks. These three pages of jingles contain my entire jingles collection! These airchecks showcase the great music, that “KASY Kind of Music”. Historical Audio Recordings. Class E Radio - WA1QIX High Tech AM! High Efficiency Class E (Start building yours today!) The FCARC Vintage Radio Page PAMS Series 29 "Go Go" jingles online. will help keep this site online Former Beatles personal assistant and sometimes-reporter for the KRLA Beat, Derek Taylor, was offered radio space on KRLA, and he filled the airwaves with his own brand of surrealism and social commentary, peppered liberally with music that meant something to him and, he hoped, to his listeners. 30 Dec 2014 ReelRadio streams vintage radio airchecks, some of which include music, and the RIAA says the site is out of complicance. A Roundup of Airchecks from the '70's . Phil Schaap Archive. Paul radio stations from 1924 to the present. Hundreds of WABC recordings including airchecks, interviews and promos. Last updated on August 12, 2011. com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/JINGLES-SAMPLER-from-Don-Geronimo. com, the home of more than 2,000 recordings of Minneapolis/St. Some recordings contain entire broadcasts and some have only DJ patter and a few jingles. The same music we have focused on here at Rock-it  29 May 2019 The earliest airchecks were live radio programs recorded to 16 inch discs, with no ability to be edited. Here are samples of AM radio back in the day and some of the revival scene in the 60’s and 70’s. This lot has Reel to Reel tapes containing recordings from Philadelphia area radio stations from the 1966 to 1989 including 98 WCAU-FM, 95 WPEN, WIFI 92, WWSH 106, 96. CLICK HERE FOR SOME GREAT FUN TWIN CITIES RADIO AIRCHECKS FROM YOUR FAVORITE 60'S RADIO STATIONS! MusicRadio Airchecks 2 online radio station at RadioForest. The airchecks are arranged by year so it is possible to hear the evolution of WABC. Reel to Reel & Cassette Tapes. Bayley, I had to look up the spelling on the internet. KFRC Radio: The Big 610 Collection 1966-1986 The first generation of KFRC's "Big 610 Men" — the Class of 1966 — striking a classical pose. Z Rock was a nationally syndicated radio network that played hard Rock & Heavy Metal music, from 1986 to 1996. They included classical, MOR, jazz, and beautiful music. net. The Sound of Musicradio 77 WABC. Additions (updated Dec 08 2019). Page 6-For discussion issues pertaining to the hobby of collecting and trading radio airchecks New Shoutcast Station Broadcasting Vintage Airchecks 24/7. Morale-Boosting Military Radio Station for Servicemen and Women See also Vintage Airchecks from Great Radio Stations. A chronological audio trip through WABC's time as a top 40 radio station. 1 for earlier WWST airchecks. Choose DJ. Paul Radio History 440:Satisfaction MN Radio Broadcasting History Radio Station Locator Twin Cities Radio Airchecks RadioTapes. It's designed for collectors and hobbyists who want to bring in that old radio and get it DesMoinesBroadcasting. Got to work with him at his last radio stop, Jazz 90. Over 300 vintage airchecks which you won't hear elsewhere. 5 WIMZ-FM. mp3 There are only so many airchecks out there I'm interested in and I think I have them all. Find WXYZ Radio Museum reviews and more on AirSho Proud Voices of America. WABC Weekly Music Surveys A bank robber staged a heist in Brooklyn on August 22, 1972, to raise money for a sex-change operation for his "wife," another gay man. More than 90 oldies radio stations and growing! Free 60s 70s 80s 90s Radios Music is a simple but very complete application, you can enjoy the best radio Jack Mindy was an entertaining companion on the radio, covering a lot of America from WYSL to WJR to KNEW and beyond. The DJ heard in the aircheck is Brother John St. Print media like old books, magazines, comics, and newspapers can be purchased from specialty stores or kept in libraries for viewing. May 9, 2002; Dewey Phillips -- one of nearly 1,000 radio recordings, or airchecks, to be found at www. In the case of K. Oct 10, 2017 · The history of Johnny Rabbitt on KXOK St Louis MO radio near southern Illinois show heard in Belleville IL Edwardsville IL Ron Elz Don Pietromonaco Click on “radio,” and “personalities Additional Airchecks Of Interest Terry Young XM WAKY Tributes: Every Friday on the Terry Young Show on XM Satellite Radio Channel 6, he pays tribute to a great top 40 radio station from the 1960s. AIRCHECKS +: More stations and airchecks to enjoy. KLKS-FM (Breezy Point, MN 104. com the website for Professional Broadcasters. Many are ones from "direct" reception and there are also a number As part of a radio station's license requirement, they had to provide "Public Service Time. Click above to hear more vintage broadcast radio airchecks from the. As time permits, they will be posted here. (The 5DN entry has details of eight announcers: maybe they paid up. 6. Most of the airchecks we receive fall into the top 40 category. This left the door open for Z Rock to fill the void. MusicRadio Airchecks, The Best MusicRadio Airchecks, New York City, NY. Try it today! While this site will be primarily dealing with the Toronto radio scene, I will also include airchecks, surveys, vintage interviews with singers etc. Former radio DJ Tim from Ohio sent in some vintage WAPE airchecks, and some previously unheard DC/101 airchecks from 1988 in perfect quality. Heard on these great-quality WHAS airchecks (most "right off the board") are newsmen Byron Crawford, Glen Bastin, Chuck Patyk, and Ron Boone via a taped report. com I was present, standing to the right of Mr. Back in the mid-1980s, many Rock radio stations were ignoring songs on the harder end of the Rock music spectrum. Vintage Radio, Hi-Fi, Reel to Reel, Television, HAM and Vacuum Tube Photos & Ephemera. 's Rock On. The airchecks below are from that day: Randy Davis' last 12 Noon sign off 1/7/05 Bill Brown's last 3PM sign off 1/7/05 Bob Shannon's last 3PM "First Gear" 1/7/05 Have an Aircheck you want to contribute? Email me . ID: Knoxville TN Format: classic rock Date: Sep 16 1995 Length: 45min Media The premiere website for any and all vintage radio airchecks!! Also tons of info, comments, links, etc. - I agree to the privacy policy and the terms of usage. If you are interested in trading radio shows, please use the contact form below to let me know what radio SHOWS YOU HAVE TO TRADE. It's fun! Second, if you are a fan of Top 40 radio, these airchecks provide a real insight into how it was done. com) features airchecks, articles, ear for putting together beautiful montages of great music, both old and new. Musicradio WABC Airchecks . A Belated Valentine To KYA This aircheck of KDEO, from 10 years earlier, showcases a jock who became a legend in London, Ontario, radio. A wonderful site, showing the DJs and the stations they worked at. They are "telescoped", that is, the music and commercials have been edited out so you hear the disc jockey, the jingles, the promos and other items that were unique to WABC. Yesterdial - Radio The Way We Were. Brand New Click above to hear more vintage broadcast radio airchecks from the Reel Radio Repository. QSL Postcard Archive / QSL Risqué Postcards. vintage radio airchecks

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