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Paint and primer in 1 DELTRON GRS CERAMICLEAR. AMERLOCK 2 VOC DEEP TINT RESIN. This professional quality paint delivers high production with its good dry hide and quick dry and recoat when applied by brush, roller or spray. . United States Page: 2/13 This utility allows you to search for documents in our public domain. May be used on new wood, pressure-treated wood, weathered wood, and wood with a weathered solvent-based clear or semi-transparent stain. 10 KB File Count 1 Create Date July 28, 2017 Last Updated July 28, 2017 PPG Deft 03Y091 FED-STD 13538 SDS Commercial Performance Coatings Topcoats. One component heat resistant silicone topcoat for use in an elevated temperature coating system, primarily for application over PPG HI-TEMP 1027 primer Product name 44GN011 BASE COMPONENT Product and company identification: 1 . Globally Harmonized System - Safety Data Sheets (GHS-SDS), Product Data Sheets (PDS), and Environmental Data Sheets (EDS) are available for all Sherwin-Williams professional paint products and outline technical specifications, specific ingredient composition Download Version 1. E. With decades of field-proven performance, they meet AAMA 2603 specifications and offer good film integrity, color control and mar resistance. Putty all nail holes, and caulk all cracks and open seams. Be sure any settled solids are incorporated during mixing. Pitthane Ultra Gloss Urethane Enamels 95 Series Is a two componant Urethane which offers superior gloss and color retention over standard urethane finishes. , b. For product information or to contact a PPG business, please complete the Product  www. com We have a team of industry experts to help you reach your business objectives. PPG Scandinavia has more than 40 employees within sales, marketing, technical support, logistics and inventories. 3 out of 5 by 3 . Almost 70 volunteers transformed the Get started with PPG. Remove contact lenses, irrigate copiously with clean, fresh water, holding the eyelids apart for at least 10 minutes and seek immediate medical advice. Taking the first step to painting a room or house can seem daunting. English (UK),International English. Industrial Paints: Learn more Floetrol® Latex-Based Paint Additive Additive From Flood Wood Stains Flood Wood Stains Manufactured by: PPG Architectural Coatings Model: Product ID: FLD6 19. pdf PPG ENVIROCRON™ Extreme Protection Edge is a breakthrough innovation and the newest addition to PPG’s world-class line of polyester powder coatings. 8 VOC topcoat and can be used over all properly prepared OEM finishes, cured air-dried finishes, as well as any Delfleet® Essential primer. Australia: http://www. We recommend a simple 3 step approach to help you along the way. In case of inhalation of decomposition products in a fire, symptoms may be delayed. 0. if you search: Clorox Bleach then the system will show SDS with product names or manufacture names containing the words Clorox Bleach and will also show SDS containing only one of the words. To download the SDS, click on the link below and search for "accu-tab". 2010, beauharnois, quebec j6n 3c3, 450-429-3552, or canutec 613-996-6666. carries a complete line of high quality products for all of your areospace MIL-SPEC coatings, automotive, fleet, and custom refinishing needs. PPG Protective and Marine Coatings is a global leader in the development of innovative technologies in the high-performance coatings industry. The best way for finding an SDS for a product is as follows: 1. By revenue it is the largest coatings company in the world followed by AkzoNobel. 6. S. It is the equivalent of searching for Clorox OR Bleach. Here, you’ll find product information as well as the step-by-step instructions you will need for the proper application of all of our products. WLK: NYSE, Westlake makes chemical and plastic products, which in turn make life better for people every day. Breakthrough Performance. Use for wood or metal trim, doors, walls, furniture, shelving, radiators, machinery and equipment, structural steel, or anywhere a high quality alkyd enamel is desired. Bunch has been the chief executive officer of PPG Industries for more than one year. $28. DELTRON POLYESTER SPRAY FILLER. Inhalation Move person to fresh air; if effects occur, consult a physician. Seal your aircraft's fuel tank without adding a lot of bulk by choosing PPG Aerospace PR-1776M Fuel Tank Sealant. Discover how innovative #PaintsWithPurpose from PPG are changing the way the world sees paint. Interior Paint & Primer Exterior Paint & Primer Floor Coatings Download Version 1. Gloss, 7-282C, White, Gallons, Fives, MSDS. AL178S1_PPG EU SDS REACH - Poland_pl-PL_1252014 105934 AM. Microporous fillers for battery separators. DELFLEET BASECOAT. Attention: Certain features of sigmaaldrich. is an American Fortune 500 company and global supplier of paints, coatings, and specialty materials. Lucite Exterior is not only durable – it’s easy to apply and easy on the budget. One PPG Place Pittsburgh, PA 15272 (412) 434-4515 (U. Click on the brand name below to access PPG's safety data sheet (SDS) portal. Introduced in 1948, PPG’s flagship HI-SIL ® synthetic amorphous precipitated silica products are among the industry’s most trusted and proven products. PPG HY53 . MSDS PPG Red. Geographically, we cover all of the Scandinavian Bar-Ox. They are helping to improve the air quality in cities, cool down buildings on hot days, and keep self-driving cars moving safely. Our PPG PITT-CHAR® system has been trusted for decades to protect safety critical structures and equipment in hazardous environments, particularly in the oil and gas industries. Once on the portal, use the Product Code field and Language drop down menu to narrow the search results. Use % for wildcard search Broad searches will take time, please be patient. If you don't allow cookies, you may not be able to use certain features of the web site including but not limited to: log in, buy products, see personalized content, switch between site cultures. He has been with the chemical company for over 27 years. PPG HL53 . ” As we look at our supply chain, we are continually assessing all of our critical products and are actively working to assure we have the products available for you. Related Resources. home products & services datasheets industrial coatings ppg truefinish spectracron® -- 110 fast dry alkyd enamel PPG TrueFinish List your products or services on Engineering360 PPG Architectural Coatings SunTuf Exterior is a water-based, 100% acrylic exterior paint formulated to protect your home from the ageing effect of the sun's harmful UV rays. A Product of PPG Automotive Refinish Australia/New Zealand Topcoats Spectracron 110 Series. Capability. This is the same as using the OR operator. Easily complete your automotive projects with our full line of Rust-Oleum Auto products. Please provide the following information to complete your request. Whether you're buying one of our proven brands of spray products for your business, or searching for a company to manufacture your own private label aerosol products, you can depend on Chase. states and in other countries. PPG TrueFinish Datasheets for Industrial Paints Industrial paints are pigmented liquids or powders that are used to protect and/or beautify substrates. All Weiman Safety Data Sheets comply with OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard (29CFR 1910. nsf/ansi drinking water treatment chemicals - health effects listing - ppg sodium hydroxide/caustic soda is certified for maximum use at 200 mg/l under nsf/ansi standard 60. PPG Industries, Inc. Ending Wednesday at 5:11PM PST. sds Commercial Performance Coatings For information on the Commercial Performance Coatings product range, including data sheets, please visit the PPG Commercial Performance Coatings website. If you have purchased a custom or tinted product, and seek its SDS, please Search for The Manufacturer Name, label or code. Chemically it is a polyether, and, more generally speaking, it's a polyalkylene glycol (PAG). Crystal Clear Polyester Powder Coating. section 1 - chemical, product, and company information product code/identity: dx330 7. MachinePro MP Millwork Primer. ppgmsds. Two important acquisitions for PPG were SigmaKalon Group in 2008 for $3. nz. SAFETY DATA SHEET. PPG HY539/6593 . This patent-pending technology is specially formulated to cover sharp edges created A Brief Note on Safety Data Sheets. It dries fast for minimal interruption, making it ideal for safety equipment, pipe identification and farm implements, and is also effective on metal surfaces such as machinery, equipment, piping and tank exteriors. PPG people are committed to operating safely and providing the products and services that you count on. 0 Download 104 File Size 286. The search tool above - available to both Customers and Staff, provides our regularly stocked, un-tinted, non-customized product SDS. It provides an “in-house” capability of refurbishing, allowing a shop to maintain or increase the level of services, while increasing a shop’s profit potential. PPG DURACRON ® Acrylic Extrusion Coatings Duracron extrusion coatings, the first aluminum extrusion coatings offered by PPG more than 40 years ago, are acrylic-based 1-coat systems. Search results for PPG at Sigma-Aldrich. Get all of the Safety Data Sheets online. Envirocron™ Extreme Protection Edge powder coatings provide extreme corrosion protection in one coat. p. Bunch earned a BS degree from Georgetown University, and a MBA from Harvard. Cleaners & Strippers Aviation Eldorado Desothane Paints Clearcoats Primers MIL-PRF-23377 MIL-PRF-23377J MIL-PRF-85285 MIL-PRF-22750 MIL-PRF-22750F Pacific Western Paints Ltd. in case of emergency in canada, contact ppg canada, inc. 50 KB File Count 1 Create Date May 2, 2017 Last Updated May 2, 2017 PPG MIL-PRF 02Y040A Base Component and Catalyst SDS PPG-4000 Polyol Safety Data Sheet Methods • Stop leak, dam spill, and transfer liquid into a suitable container. 14 Jun 2005 MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET. Search Products by. AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND BENELUX. MSDS - NONRUSTER P313B. It is then processed, purified and manufactured as a variety of solid and liquid products with dozens of important and beneficial applications. Masonry and plaster surfaces must be allowed to A Safety Data Sheet (SDS) is designed to convey a product's physical and chemical characteristics which may include: hazardous ingredients, fire, explosion, reactivity, health hazard data, and precautions for safe handling and use. People are the key to any business and PPG people are the best in the world. CWF-UV ® Clear Wood Finish provides a natural finish that protects wood from sun and water damage. If you need another SDS, you can try searching the Document Manager. Dulux Paints Sales Representative. Remove all loose and peeling paint, dirt, grease, and any other surface contaminants. The PPG Auto Glass Windshield Molding can surely keep your windshield firmly in place since it is a product of PPG's 125-year industry experience. We protect and beautify the world by developing and delivering paints, coatings and materials that our customers have trusted for more than 130   Please note: We can only respond to requests for material safety data sheets. 2 product ratings - PPG DP50LF EPOXY PRIMER KIT - NEW. CANADA MSDS. Apply a generous amount of DX330/SX330 with a clean white cloth or a hand held spray bottle. ) Paints from PPG are everywhere, making an impact in some surprising ways. In addition, our electrocoat technology centers are staffed with experts in the electrocoat industry that provide a The PPG logo is a registered trademark and Colorful Communities and We protect and beautify the world are trademarks of PPG Industries Ohio, Inc. Products. Founded in 1883 as Pittsburgh Plate Glass by Captain John B. pdf VP220_5130_S0_25K PPG EU SDS REACH _ United Kingdom English _GB_. AMERLOCK 2/400 VOC DEEP TINT RESIN. PPG Coatings Services offers powder coating services in multiple U. NEDERLANDS; FRANÇAIS; BRASIL CENTRAL & EASTERN EUROPE & BALTICS. To obtain a copy of the SDS in the format required by your country's legislation, please contact your local 3M subsidiary or call 1-888-364-3577 or 1-651-737-6501 for more information. pdf AL180S1_PPG EU SDS REACH - Poland_pl-PL_2252014 30249 AM. That being said, the cheaper stuff does not cover as well and you end up using more coats which uses more paint, creates more opportunity for errors and takes more time. SDS & Datasheets. com. Whether applied to the aquatics industry, food processing, drinking or wastewater, or industrial water that's what the Accu-Tab chlorination system delivers. Consistency. We are a quality manufacturer and dependable global supplier of petrochemicals, plastics and building products. Wash skin with plenty of water. It is available as a 2. Epoxy Ripple. Once on the portal, use the Product Code field and Language drop down menu  We do not recommend using the PPG's SDS/MSDS search as that has given inconsistent results. Epoxy Series Powder Coating. The label on an intermix formula container will have a 1, 3, 4, or 5 number designation to match the proper SDS sheet. Search our Safety Data Sheets (SDS) by the name of the chemical. carries a complete line of high quality products for all of your areospace, automotive, fleet, and custom refinishing needs. The original intent of the GHS was to bring some consistency and coherency to the hazard information available to workers. Nitrocellulose Lacquer (NCL) Self-Levelling Epoxy Primer. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs), the original versions of documents containing chemical hazard information prior to GHS, had as many formats as the imaginations of chemical suppliers would allow, leading to confusion and lost time including during This qualification is based on periodic visits to their facility by PPG technical personnel and on periodic submittals of production panels for verification that the finished products continue to meet the specification requirements. please always refer to product technical data sheets for correct thinner selection. Calcium chloride brine is extracted from a naturally occurring reservoir about half a mile below ground. PPG PE522-6662 . 0 Download 116 File Size 312. Sand all glossy, rough, and patched surfaces. material safety data sheet coatings and resins group ppg industries, inc. Note: In case you’re unable to find the Material Safety Datasheet (MSDS) you require, refer to your local sales office. Browse old Dulux Master Palette colours. With headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, PPG operates in more than 70 countries around the globe. Surface must be dry. and its subsidiaries. Learn More: PDS Finder Product name PSX 700 ATLAS COPCO YELLOW Product and company identification: 1 . ©2019 PPG Industries, Inc PPG Paints, Coatings and Materials: Our Company . Note: See Working with the Information on this Page section below for important notes about this data. Lucite interior paint delivers easy application and good performance at a value price. The number designation refers to the following: #1 - Formulas without US GHS SDS reportable levels of lead, manganese, chromium, cadmium or nickel Safety Data Sheets Each product page has a link to the corresponding Technical Data Sheet and Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Search the Find Product Page To assure on-the-job safety and minimize health risks, be sure to follow all applicable safety and health precautions for using PPG Aerospace products. PPG Industries primarily manufactures paint, stains, and sealants. PPG HI-TEMP 1000 VS Download Product Data Sheet . Searches without any special characters (listed below) will return items that contain the exact value(s) entered in the search field. PPG Protective & Marine Coatings has been a leader in the field of industrial and marine coatings for over 70 years, developing and marketing a broad line of protective coatings, product finishes, flooring materials for steel, concrete, commercial and industrial equipment, and manufactured goods. Safety Data Sheet information available. New Zealand: http ://www. Other companies are charging thousands of dollars to set up accounts and give you access to their msds online database. ® interior/exterior alkyd enamel paint provides protection in challenging environments. PPG PE529-0000TB . PPG DP50LF EPOXY PRIMER KIT - NEW. For full functionality of our site, it is necessary to enable JavaScript. Our Featured Brands. 1200) Calfornia SB-258 documents can be found at the following links: Designated Lists, Fragrance Allergens, and Nonfunctional Constituents. SunTuf Exterior provides maximum protection for 15 years, guaranteed. PPG Featured Cathodic Epoxy Products POWERCRON® 590-534 One of PPG’s black, high performance, low VOC, HAPs-free automotive primers. 2 product ratings. au 16 May 2018 PITT-TECH PLUS SG 4216 HP WHITE BASE. It's as simple as getting inspired, choosing a colour and selecting the paint. All products have specific SDS, depending upon the state they were purchased from Cloverdale Paint. If you have been provided a logon id for restricted access documents, please Click Here. Approved for use by most major OEMs and available is a single component feed package. We supply a full line of highly engineered adhesion promoters, primers, monocoats, basecoats and clearcoats designed for the global LIQUID NAILS ® FUZE*IT ® All Surface construction adhesive (LN-2000) is formulated with a proprietary hybrid-polymer blend for best-in-class adhesion. Safety Data Sheets; Substrate Guides; Quick Claim Form; Matthews Paint PPG Industries | Headquarters · One PPG Place Pittsburgh, PA 15272 ppg industries inc coatings & resins group -- dxr80 delthane ultra -- 8010-00f006031 company name:ppg industries inc. The company changed its name in 1968 to PPG Industries to reflect its diverse offerings. These precautions can be found on PPG product labels and on Safety Data Sheets (SDS). The company was founded in 1883 by John Baptiste Ford and John Pitcairn Jr. The Performance Report. Easy to dress up or down, it's exceptionally soft and versatile enough to wear year-round. pdf QS_5210_S5 PPG EU SDS REACH _ United Kingdom English _GB_. Find product specifications and technical info, as well as safety data sheets for every interior and exterior paint, and paint primer from Dunn-Edwards. Today, PPG is a global supplier of paints, coatings, optical products, and specialty materials. Brand: PPG Type: Etch Primer Color: Gray. pdf For SDS requests for outside of the Americas, please contact: PSRA_SSH@akzonobel. This website and underlying databases are maintained and updated by Pesticide Action Network North America (PAN). OneChoice SX103 Multi-Prep cleaner is a multi-purpose product developed for use as an Anti-Static agent and as a plastic parts and mold release cleaner. DFE-20 PPG Automotive Refinish. 2 Safety Data Sheets (SDS) contain health and safety information about our products, including hazard classifications, first-aid measures, fire fighting measures, toxicology, handling, storage and disposal. Their coatings also provide facility substrates with optimal protection from acids, chemicals, abrasion and immersion, thus ensuring the quality of both the facility and of the product. We are PPG. DX/SX Cleanersare packaged ready-to-use. PPG is an industry leader in both Hydrocarbon Passive Fire Protection (PFP) and Cellulosic Passive Fire Protection. Since it is not possible to anticipate all circumstances of use, recipients are advised to confirm, in advance of need, that the information is current, applicable and suitable to their The Accu-Tab ® System: Quality Meets Simplicity. 60/40 cotton/poly - Designed for the modern professional, this double-knit style has a striking dual-color look thanks to two fabrics being bonded together. The high-performance solvent-based stripper is designed to work in temperatures ranging from 45°F (7°C) to 90°F (32°C). Europe, Middle East and Africa Milan - PPG Industries Italia Srl PPG's Milan manufacturing facility produces automotive refinish coatings and resins for a variety of brands including, Nexa and Durabed. pdf QS_5210_S1 PPG EU SDS REACH _ United Kingdom English _GB_. Where to Buy Tech Data Sheets (TDS) Safety Data Sheets (SDS) Frequently Asked Questions Contact Us. Technical Data Sheet · MSDS. au. Product name. This starts with one global hazard evaluation process to assess and approve raw materials used to manufacture product in terms of human health, physical and chemical properties, environmental impact and compliance with global regulations and PPG policies. Speedwall interior paint is an economical interior vinyl acrylic paint designed for the high volume multi-family housing market. Pittsburgh, PA If this material is part of a multiple component system, read the Safety Data Sheet(s) for. PSX 700 offers a combination of outstanding corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, stain resistance and long-term gloss retention. Access all Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for all Benjamin Moore coatings. Please use the search below to find the PPG Pittsburgh Paints product info you are  PPG Australia SDS www. Not available. Type: Epoxy Primer. Home · Resource Centre; MSDS PPG Red. 5 oz. SX103 Multi-Prep cleaner is a universal cleaner for use with all PPG and NEXA AUTOCOLOR ® systems. This includes participation in the most demanding of conditions such as those encountered in Endurance Racing, the World Rally Champion Most of our products have TDS. It is recommended for use as a finish coat in interior and exterior coating systems where a high gloss,wet look finish is desired. This means that searching for "ASPIRIN CALCIUM" won't return any items that have "ASPIRIN GLYCINE CALCIUM" because the search term doesn't match exactly. Through leadership in innovation, sustainability and color, PPG helps customers in industrial, transportation, consumer products, and Sherwin-Williams is dedicated to superior product stewardship and workplace safety. A Paint Industry Leader. Chemical supplies are available in bulk, mini-bulk, 55-gallon drums, pails and totes. Hybrid Ripple Powder Coating. Download. PPG: 0964 Aquapel® Glass Treatment 0 3/09 /200 9 through the affected eye for at least 15 minutes. For emergency assistance please ring 1800 883 254 For non-urgent enquiries contact Customer Service on: PPG’s Continued Commitment to Safety and Our Customers To our customers, As valued members of the PPG family, I appreciate the trust you place in us as your paint supplier and partner. QA_1200_S25 PPG EU SDS REACH _ United Kingdom English _GB_. The low-weight formula is extremely durable and goes to work quickly, providing a top-notch seal with less added weight. Polypropylene glycol, CAS # 25322-69-4 This graph illustrates the relationship of molecular weight to hydroxyl number and equivalent weight of a diol. The brand has been making high-quality glass and coating products for automotive, aerospace, and various other industries. 44GN011 PPG Aerospace PRC-DeSoto 12780 San Fernando Road Sylmar, CA 91342 AMERCOAT 450HS CURE MSDS | The new SDS required by OSHA are PPG Industries, Inc. DESCRIPTION. Makes latex paints, primers, stains and textured coatings flow more smoothly. Other means of identification. The SDSs on dow. Skin contact Take off contaminated clothing. At PPG, we provide a comprehensive mix of anodic and cathodic electrocoats to a variety of markets. Resists colour fading and paint deterioration so your paint finish keeps its fresh new look for longer. #N#To change your selected language preferences, click here. Gloss, 7-801C, Brilliant Red (Safety Red), Gallons,   MSDS PPG Red. 4 Reference to Other Sections Glidden ® High Endurance ® Plus is a high quality interior latex paint + primer offered at an exceptional price to get your project done right. 54656. Chemical Supplier in Northeast U. MSDS   7 Jul 2015 PPG Industries, Inc. My car was shot with Glasruit and it was a bit over $1000 @ cost + 10% for my painter who did it as a side job. To search for an MSDS, either enter the product name or the product code into the form below and click on the Search button. Find by Product Number or UPC. SECTION 1 - PRODUCT AND COMPANY INFORMATION. PPG HT53 . Glidden ® High Endurance ® Plus Exterior Paint + Primer provides a durable and protective finish for various outdoor projects - exceptional price and satisfaction guaranteed. © 2018 PPG ESSSSingle Stage Polyurethane Enamel ESSS Single Stage Polyurethane Enamel is a two-component product designed to offer good gloss and a wide array of solid and metallic colors. FLOETROL ® is a latex paint additive to improve flow and levelling of water-based paints. National Account Representatives. Safety Data Sheets (SDS) Click on the brand name below to access PPG’s safety data sheet (SDS) portal. On screen language. Search for GPS products . 7 Line Interior/Exterior Industrial Gloss Oil 7-Line industrial enamels are for industrial use and may be used on properly prepared and primed interior or exterior surfaces of wood, metal, masonry, plaster, and composition board. View the recent issue of the Commercial Performance Coatings newsletter, The Performance Report - issue one. Simplicity. Automotive Refinish. Ford and John Pitcairn in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. PPG One choice Self Etch Primer Gray Sxa1031 345 Grams. If you are interested in becoming an approved applicator, let us know by sending an email to coexrequests@ppg. Top. Initial application floats contaminants to the surface where the Safety Data Sheet Polypropylene glycol 2000 (PPG 2000) Page 2 of 5 MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET The product does not burn, but see the common information below about fire. Please note: We can only respond to requests for material safety data sheets. Apr 30, 2012 · PPG makes several line of paint at different price breaks. PPG DP74 Epoxy Primer - New Kit with Catalyst. Products include special corrosion-resistant VP220_5120_S6K PPG EU SDS REACH _ United Kingdom English _GB_. PPG Industries has headquarters in Pittsburgh and trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol PPG. Your new online MSDS binder is a place for you to store the material safety data sheets you need to deploy. NEED ADVICE? Hirshfield’s is here to help! If you have a technical question relating to PPG or Glidden Professional feel free to reach out to an expert below or submit a general inquiry about this vendor. Polyester Milled Aluminium. New Construction Projects. LIQUID NAILS ® Projects Construction Adhesive (LN-704/LNP-704) offers water clean-up when wet, develops strength rapidly, and has excellent water resistance and long-term holding power when set. They are engineered for applications in a wide range of industries such as: Reinforcing fillers for tires, and industrial and silicone rubber. Looking for the definition of PPG? Find out what is the full meaning of PPG on Abbreviations. • Collect residue with absorbent and transfer into a suitable container for proper disposal. The OneChoice ® universal ancillary brand of specialty products is designed to be used with any PPG automotive coatings system. pdf AL192S3_PPG EU SDS REACH - Poland_pl-PL_2182014 43655 PM. Code: is equal to: begins with: contains: Name: is equal to: begins with: contains QUICKLINE є зареєстрованою торговою маркою компанії PPGIndustriesOhio, Inc. Features cadet collar, set-in sleeves, open cuffs and hem. PPG has also committed to matching employee donations up to $25,000 USD for a total contribution of $75,000 USD. PPG coatings are designed to adhere with less surface preparation and easier applications; thereby maximizing protection and minimizing preparation time. PPG is a leading producer of optical grade monomers and coatings used in the manufacture of eyeglass lenses. ENGLISH; construed as representations or warranties as to performance, results, or fitness for any intended use, nor does PPG Industries warrant freedom from patent infringement in the use of any formula or process set forth herein. It also provides outstanding stain resistance that protects and beautifies any room in your home. Summary: This gene encodes a protein best known as a hematopoietic cell granule proteoglycan. For product information or to contact a PPG business, please complete the Product Inquiry form. Combining PPG’s expertise in coatings and technologies to aid automakers around the world in enhancing the image and identity of their vehicle brands. PPG DX/SX Cleaners are specifically designed to remove wax, grease, silicones, road tar, engine oil, overspray, adhesives and other contaminants. Browse SDSs & Data Sheets. When you purchase a product from Dow, the corresponding Safety Data Sheet (SDS) will be automatically distributed to you from our corporate distribution system. Choose a Product Category Brand Condition Product Type VOC. PPG Industries announced initiatives to support Australian bushfire relief efforts: the company will donate $50,000 USD to the Australian Red Cross to assist with emergency relief efforts. Never give anything by mouth to an unconscious or convulsing person. You may later withdraw your consent to receive these materials by following the message's opt out instructions. Choose a Product Category. Chase Products can provide you with a wide range of aerosol household products, paints, insecticides, automotive, bench, craft, and personal care products. With PPG TIMELESS Color Protect Technology, you get guaranteed one coat coverage in 1000+ colors and the toughest, most wear resistant finish. as the Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company. PPG has been providing quality paints and stains for homeowners and professionals alike for well over 100 years. Our products are manufactured globally, supported by local sales and service teams that can provide timely, on-site support. Browse cartridges, nozzles, plungers, and dispensing guns. product, contact a POISON CONTROL CENTER, EMERGENCY ROOM OR PHYSICIAN immediately; have Material Safety Data Sheet information available. Materials • Inert absorbent (sand, earth or similar). The number designation refers to the following: #1 - Formulas without GHS SDS reportable levels of lead, manganese, chromium, cadmium or nickel You can also search our MSDS database - click here to begin. The term polypropylene glycol or PPG is reserved for low to medium range molar mass polymer when the nature of the end-group, which is usually a hydroxyl group, still matt • PPG HI-TEMP 1027 is a heavy bodied material; use mechanical agitation for mixing immediately before application and as needed during application. The label on an intermix formula container will have a 1, 3, 4 or 5  MSDS Search. Quick Launch View All Site Content. Commercial Performance Coatings Topcoats. Amerguard. Search the Protec SDS database Dulux Colour Sensor. PSX 700 is a weatherable epoxy-siloxane coating that is self-priming or can be used with a suitable epoxy primer. Yes, I would like the opportunity to receive e-mails containing information, product updates, e-newsletters, samples, promotional offers and rebates from brands of PPG Industries, Inc. Professional Services. One PPG Place. com! 'PPG Industries, Inc. AMERLOCK 2/400 VOC DEEP TINT In order to provide complete functionality, this web site needs your explicit consent to store browser cookies. Sheen, Product Number, Base, Size, MSDS. For emergency assistance please ring 0800 000 096 For non-urgent enquiries contact Customer Service on: In order to provide complete functionality, this web site needs your explicit consent to store browser cookies. In order to provide complete functionality, this web site needs your explicit consent to store browser cookies. When it comes to building durability, increasing performance or enhancing appearance, PPG's refinish business owns a track record of success no In order to provide complete functionality, this web site needs your explicit consent to store browser cookies. PPG EP53 . All backed by a Lifetime Guarantee. 06-11-2018 - PPG to showcase real-world applications of PPG DURANAR, PPG CORAFLON and PPG DURABRITE coatings at A’18 PPG (NYSE: PPG) today announced that it will highlight its full line of liquid and powder metal coatings at A’18, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Conference on Architecture 2018 in New York City, June 21-23. Learn More: People. warrants performance of its products to its intended use if properly applied in accordance with the label directions and the specifications of the technical data sheet. Complementary technologies, such as PPG Industries Semco® packaging and application systems can be purchased at Ellsworth Adhesives. PPG Automotive Refinish World Leaders in Automotive Finishes PPG Industries 19699 Progress Drive Strongsville, OH 44149 PPG Architectural Coatings For emergencies please call: 1800 883 254 in Australia or 080 0000 096 in New Zealand For non-urgent enquiries contact Customer Service on 131 686 PPG is a worldwide leader in structural adhesives, enabling vehicle OEMs to achieve significant cost and weight savings while increasing the strength and rigidity of Uni-body and Body on Frame construction. The improved PPG Diamond interior 100% acrylic paint and primer provides exceptional durability and hide. PPG EL53 . co. Hybrid PPG TIMELESS Interior Paint and Primer is formulated with our most advanced paint innovation - providing complete one coat hide, coverage and durability. Recommended for use on exterior wood decks, fences, siding, railings, outdoor furniture and other wood surfaces. Textured Hybrid Series Powder Coatings. PPG Aerospace Eldorado PR-3500 Epoxy Paint Remover from SkyGeek is designed to strip away aircraft primers, epoxy, polyurethane and other organic coatings from metal surfaces. com are generally the latest versions available for our products and new SDSs are added on an ongoing basis. 99 New. We carry all of the refinishing supply brands and products that you trust, including 3M, Axalta, BASF, PPG, DeVilbiss, and our own SMART and z series lines. The label on an intermix formula container will have a 1, 3, 4 or 5 number designation to match the proper SDS sheet. g. ). Please use the search below to find the PPG Pittsburgh Paints product info you are looking for. PPG EP524-6669 . Selemix System Topcoats Primers  Find your MSDS & TDS info on PPG Pittsburgh Paints. These precautions can be found on PPG product labels and on Safety Data Sheets (SDS). Contact · PPG Websites · PPG Industries: We protect and beautify the world MSDS. Getting the job done right. 32 shipping. Browse by Brand, Condition, Type, VOC. DeSoto Commercial & Civil Aviation Military Primers, Topcoats, and Specialty Products Cleaners & Strippers, Paints, Clearcoats Primers, Pacific Western Paints Ltd. Liquid. With over fifty years’ experience built on the foundation of two industry leaders – MetoKote Corporation and The Crown Group – PPG Coatings Services has 41 locations spanning seven countries that consistently deliver high-quality Specialty Products BIOCIDE PROGRAM PPG offers a complete line of premium biocides to allow for total bacterial management. Today, PPG’s line-up of strong, well respected residential, commercial and industrial paint brands offer a wide range of choices to meet the varying needs of consumers, interior designers, painting Glidden® Speedwall is rated 2. Through formulating custom colors and gloss levels, to an extremely fast dry time, we've developed SPECTRACRON ® 110 to provide versatility in your operation while offering excellent adhesion and protection over direct-to-metal, as well as pre-painted and primed substrates. Your new online MSDS binder is a place for you to store the material safety As one of the world's leading producers of advanced automotive paint systems, PPG provides customers with a wide range of product options featuring specific properties to suit virtually any application. PPG advances in coatings technology include; PSX, Thin-film, Intumescents, Epoxy, Polyurethane, Zinc-rich Primers and Antifouling coatings. LR2007055 PPG Industries, Inc. TYPE / KEYWORDS ->, Enter Product Name, Number or Description. Polypropylene glycol or polypropylene oxide is the polymer of propylene glycol. If irritation persists, contact a poison control center, Before each Pfitzner Performance Gearbox (PPG) Dog Box, Sequential gearbox, gear system and gears are offered for sale they are put through an extensive test and development programme. MSDS’s are correct as of day of issue PPG Scandinavia is part of PPG Industries, which is one of the market’s leading global suppliers of OEM finishes for car manufacturers and refinishes for the car repair industry. PPG Glyptex Interior Alkyd is a high-quality, interior alkyd enamel finish for application to properly prepared and primed wood, metal, plaster, concrete, masonry, and wallboard. Hybrid Silver Orbiter. This is a very difficult and unprecedented time, and I hope you and your loved ones are well. One PPG Place Pittsburgh Pennsylvania  Search Product Details, Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and Technical Data Sheets ( TDS). Sections of an SDS. The low-density sealant weighs up to 20 percent less than competing fuel tank sealants, but performs just as well. Charles E. Pittsburgh  Click on each link below to download the PDF of that product's Safety Data Sheet . Register now and get a free online MSDS binder. COLOUR ACCURACY: Note that the on-screen colour representations are not necessarily precise representations of r122 chlorinated rubber reducer is a specialised reducer to be used with the protec 480 chlorinated rubber product range. eInvoice sign-up. We invite you to explore the history of PPG Industries' commitment to the ophthalmic industry, from the origins of our CR-39® monomer to the development of Trivex® material and Hi-Gard® lens coatings. A Safety Data Sheet (SDS) provides users with health, safety and environmental information for safe handling, use and disposal of Evercoat® products. pdf An important component of product stewardship and workplace safety, safety data sheets (SDSs) provide a summary of the health hazards of the material and associated recommended safe work practices. A proven and effective approach to a wide variety of chlorination needs. 5 out of 5 stars. Lucite Exterior Paint features a 100% acrylic latex formula. MSDS Document Language (s) PPG is pleased to announce the launch of ONECHOICE ® SX103 MULTI-PREP ™ cleaner. PPG Pittsburgh Paints: Manor Hall Interior Paint Primer and Stain Repellent in One Semi Safety Data Sheets (SDS) on this web site may not meet the requirements set forth by your country's legislation. This is what inspires us and we call it “The PPG Way. These biocides, bundled with PPGs technical expertise provide customers with effective bacteria management programs. To access Ready Mix Generic MSDS click here. It is headquartered in PPG Place, an PPG Architectural Coatings Canada, Inc. ' is one option -- get in to view more @ The Web's largest and most authoritative acronyms and abbreviations resource. POWERCRON® 6000CX PPG’s high performing black cationic epoxy finish approved for use on automotive parts. Search for SDSs. coatings & resins gp PPG Coatings Services is the industry leader in protective coating applications, serving over 900 customers throughout the United States and around the world. com will be unavailable due to maintenance from Saturday morning, April 25th at 9:00am CDT until 1:00pm CDT Please note that you still have telephone and email access to your local offices. Long-term Management: PPG Coatings Services’ unique “bundle” of skills and technical expertise allows customers to focus on their core businesses without the worries of operating a coating facility. pdf VP220_5130_S1_8K PPG EU SDS REACH _ United Kingdom English _GB_. Architects, Designers & Specifiers. ppg sds

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