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Humming noise around 40 mph

Loud humming increases with speed, sounds like a wheel bearing If you can do so where no other traffic is around, get the noise to happen, then steer the car side Aug 06, 2015 · Loud humming/vibration while driving. This video shows how to  11 Sep 2009 Odyssey makes a loud "humming" noise at higher speeds - When driving our 02 Odyssey over 40-45 mph, it develops a loud "humming noise which of imbalance in the system somewhere, but it is near impossible to find. It literally showed up one day on the way to work on the highway. The hum starts at about 35-40 mph. Jul 10, 2015 · Gents, 2011 Ford SHO with 165,000 highway miles. Thank you! Hi guys, I wonder if you can help me diagnose the humming noise thats but as the speed increases it becomes noticeable (around 35 mph or  8 Mar 2001 Also, in 4lo at around 20 or so mph when the throttle is not applied (just cruising) the passenger side hub makes an horrible whining noise. 6l. I don't know, but I'll try making those quick turns and do my best to hear which side sounds louder Jan 26, 2019 · It idles quietly, and can drive under 45 mph. It starts at about 40 mile per hur and gradually builds as you continue to move up the speedometer. So i’ve been having this issue with a humming noise that starts around 40 and is heard up to 75 mph. . When I get to 30mph, it makes a loud noise like an airplane. 5 seconds and lasts just a second or so. Only Thing Left Is Rear bearings. It seems to persist whether or not I'm coasting or accelerating, and goes away at higher speeds. If this is what you are hearing it's a good possibility a worn wheel bearing is what you are hearing. _____ Dec 07, 2015 · I have a very annoying intermittent humming noise which "seems" to be coming from the front end but then sounds like the back end at speed. If the noise becomes louder at higher speeds, the wheel bearings could be the cause. Usually the humming gets louder under acceleration. Truck had about 7,000 miles on it and the weather just turned cold. Sep 15, 2013 · my car makes this sound when going over 40 mph. Low pitched humming noise. I've noticed over the last couple of weeks a strange humming / droning noise coming from inside the cabin when at 40-60 ish mph. I was driving on rt 62 near my home and was very fortunate not being t-boned as a pulled out,my Pathfinder didnt go like it was supposed to, fortunately the oncoming vehicle stopped. A few weeks ago this weird humming noise started up. It only happens when in motion. There is a very rough vibration that is felt when holding the stick shift. and gets progressively louder up to 60-70 mph. I have found just enough to see hints of something, but no smoking guns yet, I need more data. loud roaring from front end @ 25 mph plus 14 Answers. Jeep has 3. But once I gas it, goes away. Average failure mileage is 64,250 miles. I replaced both front hubs thinking maybe the rear??? My car has 210000 miles. The sounds  15 Mar 2020 This will let you hear the humming noises from your wheel bearing. within the last few days I noticed that around 33-35 mph and the car has a humming/buzzing type noise . Best noticeable at 37. After several miles driving, noise is getting less though. It starts at around 25-30 mph. May 02, 2008 · I have a 1999 Ford Focus hatchback 1. Is there a problem with the transmission? eaglefan1, did you solved the problem? So I purchase a new wheel hub assembly for the left rear wheel, have my best friend (certified mechanic) replace it and STILL have this humming noise It becomes audible around 40 mph, gets loud around 45, fades away from 45-55 and then at 60 mph it reaches its peak loudness before fading away to a low pitched almost inaudible hum at speeds of 65. After 40 mph the noise stops This humming noise is then the same when the car is parked and not moving? Does this humming noise only occur around 1700rpm? Does it get louder with engine speed? Does it go away if you turn the A/C off or on? Does it go away or come if you turn the steering wheel? From what you described it sounds like it was first heard while driving. I also have a weird noise at around 35 - 40 mph, some sort of vibration. They are designed this way so you don’t inhale the exhaust fumes and also to quiet the Car is making a weird noise. Every time I go 30+ miles per an hour, I hear a loud, annoying humming noise and it's been going on for a while now. I am NOT referring to this sound that remains of undetermined origin. It almost sounds like a brake rubbing, but I don't see any difference in pad wear on any of the pads. The exhaust system carries the exhaust gases from the front of the car to the rear. 0. Roaring noises, are one of the most common sounds a Jeep Grand Cherokee makes from the rear end. I slow down under 40mph, would that be a wheel bearing or just the tires? 5 Jun 2019 While driving down the road about 40 mph, sway the car side to side slowly, Wheel Bearing Noise With a Tire Noise: Very Loud and Vibrating Using a long screwdriver or stethoscope, rest it on the hub near each wheel bearing. well, within the last month i had done an oil change on it and everything had been going good up until about a week ago. It starts when I get to about 40 mph and I can Apr 05, 2014 · pulsating humming noise and vibration around 60mph. At about 35 - 40 mph and 1,500 to 2,000 rpms--under a slight load, there is an intermittent loud rumble from the rear (right, I think). The solution is to replace the ANC module and two front speakers, because the noise is likely to damage the I have a 2011 Touring with around 60,000 miles on it. humming noise starts around 70mph to 75mph Apr 02, 2014 · Put the car in neutral at 50 MPH and let the engine drop to idle. , also developing a vibration in the gas pedal with a slight shimmy/vibration in the steering wheel. I know it's not road noise from my tires, it's not the engine as I can here it seperate from the noise. BTW, I rarely need to drive over 45 with this car on most of the local roads around here. This is what helps hold the wheel on the car. The humming starts off with a lower tone (almost like a small plane flying overhead) and gets louder at certain speeds (35-40mph; 55-65 mph). I have a 2013 Encore AWD . I test drove it, and starting around 40 mph, there's a constant whirring/humming noise. 109K, all stock. When I get to around 40-50 mph and I try to mildly accelerate I get a bad shake in the truck and I think it is coming from the back right passenger tire. 5" lift. Oct 02, 2007 · I have a 2007 Toyota tundra crewmax 4x4 limited. wih 106,000 has the same issue. This is only when I hit the gas and it Starts at around 30 mph loudest at 45 slightly quieter at 55-60 mph. (Noise isn't present outside 40-50mph speeds). It is a constant noise that gets louder at higher speeds and is nonexistent at very slow speeds (i. Wheels are solid enough so I'm thinking it's not bearings at issue. when Article right on point. It starts as I accelerate going down the road and get louder the faster I drive. The Hi everyone. Doesn’t matter what gear or drive selection, or what surface you are driving on, seems to get better around 70 mph. It happens anywhere around 25 mph and above up to about 60 mph. The sound seems to be coming from the engine area, but I cant be certain. It is caused by the ANC module. When I swerve to the right, nothing happens. I can't imagine the wheel bearings being bad already, it only has 1700 It sounds like what you hear of the jet engine when you are in a plane and it's accelerating to take off. Took explorer to 2 dealership service departments and they both could replicate the issu Hello all I have just bought a 2008 ford f-450 6. Similar Threads Dec 26, 2014 · Evening, Been using the car all day, was picking the Mrs up from the Trafford and was doing around 80 mph on the way back and the Mrs commented on how the car sounded like we were in a jetliner in mid air as it was making a slight humming. Been happening for 2 weeks now. It sounds like a buzzing/humming noise, and holds steady when I average 80MPH on the highway. sounds like a My noise occurs around 35 - 40 mph as well as at slow speeds in A4. Nov 25, 2017 · 2017 silverado 5. When I decelerate it will get loud again at about 45 mph but will quiet down as I slow dow. The most recently reported issues are listed below. A technician  1 Sep 2017 If you have a 'whirring' or 'humming' noise coming from the front of your vehicle, you may have a worn wheel bearing. My 2014 Honda Odyssey is making noise (apparently) from the front side. At 32-43 miles per hour, I get a pulsing, humming noise in the front end. Could my manual Humming noise at 30-40 mph Howdy y'all, I have a 2005 off road 4x4 and recently I've started to experience this strange humming noise at around 30-40 mph. 4 liter 9 speed. Gets really loud. Starts at around 50-55 mph. Everything runs well until last week. Its definitely only 6th gear. Like most people have described with these vans, mine (or should I say, my wife's) is making a pretty loud drone/humming noise between  Humming noise from 2005 Saturn Vue Redline Vue Red Line. I have a 99 TJ i have put on 1. 1. It gets so very loud at around 50 mph. Faster or slower, not too much noise. Jan 26, 2019 · Four Common Car Noises, Their Causes, and How to Fix Them My jeep patriot is making a low noise around 30mph. I thought it was brake noise so I replaced the brakes. And when we reach the speed of around 45 - 50 mph we hear a low humming noise coming from the engine. Hey guysI have a noise (though to describe) when I accelerate to about 25 MPH and still have the gas pedal pressed. My sound was sometimes obvious as slow as 40 mph, but the vehicle speed at which it was most obvious was around 60 mph. 3. 8 Apr 2014 I have a vibration/hum that is always present, but when I hit 40mph the harmonic is so loud that it's almost a deafening roar! BMW apparently doesn't screw around when it comes to protecting the driver and AWD system on  IS - 2nd Gen (2006-2013) - Humming sound at ~40-45mph - Hello all, Been Humming very faint when accelerating, but most noticeable around the The noise is almost like an unbalanced tire but with no vibration. i do know my control arms are bad, but i dont think that would cause the humming any ideas? thanks [Archive] Hum at 40 MPH E39 (1997 - 2003) one way to tell if it is the bearings are bad (front or back)is to jack up one front side and spinn the wheel as fast as you can by hand. He had the transmission rebuilt at 90k. At speeds from 30-45mph it is louder when I am coasting. I dont hear anything until I get up to about 40 mph or above. Also, it doesn't seem to change pitch with vehicle speed. 4 l can't find pcs valve. I have jacked all 4 corners up and all wheel bearings feel good, bar the rear passenger side. I have this whining noise coming from the transmission once the engine warms-up while driving. Said it might be somewhere in transaxle assembly. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 10 of 10 Posts I have the same tires with just a little noise around 40 MPH but quiet at highway speeds. (Don't turn off the engine entirely or your power steering and brakes will lose boost. Not sure what it could be. rotate them to the back if the noise comes from the back after rotation than new tires I have a 99 mercury mountaineer 5. The most common cause of a humming sound from ties is uneven tire wear. I'm good at 40, and I'm good at 55 or 60. If I take my foot off the gas it goes away. It's loudest in the morning after a cold start around 40 degrees. It kinda sounds like tire noise. Learn more about Ford Escape at the Edmunds. I thought I had a bad bearing so I replaced the bearing. I suspected brake flanges and discs but dealers said those are in good condition. when I had my last oil change I had them check to see if I needed a alignment or cabin filter change. As I turn the wheel slightly right at these speeds the hum goes away. If roaring is heard at all speeds or at parking lot speeds, the problem has Hello all, I have a 3. The sound will cease when I slow down, and I won't hear it until I go around 50 mph again. I drive a fairly winding road on my way to and from work. Then ate 60 mph, the humming noise starts. I have a 2012 Nissan Titan and just recently begin hearing this humming noise once I get up to around 60-70 mph and over. Loud noise from front end when car reaches 25 mph and gets louder as speed increases. I can hear the whining during acceleration up to 40 miles mph. Jun 15, 2007 · Loud humming noise at 45+ mph!! The thing is the noise is not as audible at low speed than at 45-55 mph, then at 60+ mph, it sounds normal. I drove it all the way from chicago to st. I was told wheel bearings and specifically the front right. When this occurs it’s best to check the condition of your differential and replace if it’s in a rough condition. It also sounds like its coming from the front. Noise starts of low then gets louder at 40-55 mph unless I let go of gas pedal then it just goes away until I start to apply it again but doesnt get louder if I apply the passing gear just stays the same until like I said I let go of the pedal which I think is wierd but cannot figure I am getting a humming, out of balance, vibration when I level off speed between 40-45 mph. Its not that bad, but quite audible. I notice it most around 30 mph. If you A wheel bearing noise is similar to a hum and is usually heard above 25 mph. The hum increases in volume and Click the reputation button near the bottom left corner of this message box. After 35 mph/40 mph sounds like whining noise? No issues on performance etc. The exhaust system includes the muffler, resonator, catalytic converter, and header/down pipe. It was stuttering and not responding on and off when I would push the gas pedal. If you still hear the noise with no change, then it's a wheel bearing. It lessons slightly when letting off the accelerator but not much. It is important to notice at what times, what speeds and under what conditions, the noise is made. I've got a humming noise from around 25 to 40mph. I put a different wheel and tire on to rule out the tire and the only difference was the noice started at around 40-45mph, and again stops whe turning right. Wondering if anyone has come across this and may know where it's coming from. Thought it was the tires but they have been changed and it still occurs. It makes a strange rumbling sound and vibration at around 50 mph. There does not seem to be a loss of power while making this noise. It stops as soon as I let off the gas or get over 60-65 mph. ) Feb 25, 2016 · In any case, after I picked up the car from service, there was a new noise which was fairly loud in the cockpit. I am about to buy a 2003 Subaru Legacy Outback Sedan H6-3. the noise starts around 34, 40 mph. My 2000 4cly is making humming noise around 55 mph. When I swerve to the left, the noise goes away. Once I get around 40 mph it feels like my right front end starts to flutter and vibration then it goes away as i speed up. I have a 99 Camry LE with 70k miles. At freeway cruising speed the whole car is moaning with what I would describe as a mild vibration. The dealership has had it for four weeks and is Aug 29, 2009 · Recently, Ive noticed a loud humming noise whenever I drive at highway speeds (50+). It sounds like a whining or grinding sound (sounds like its fron right under the driver seat) but only if the gas pedal is pressed. couldn't replace rears as we didn't have the right key to remove other part of the caliper. Aug 08, 2018 · Hello, I am new here and love the site. Oct 07, 2011 · Well my wifes 2006 Rx is getting up in the mileage at over 80K, and we are noticing a whining sound as you start to build up speed. What should I look at on the vehicle to hopefully diagnose the problem? Jun 23, 2019 · Zero shaking or vibration, just when I hit 73-around 80, I hear same noiseWTF? Click to expand I have 47k od miles replaced brake discs pads . When it gets up to about 40-45mph it begins a low hum or moan and gets louder as it goes faster. The 2005 Chrysler Sebring has 3 problems reported for humming noise inside of car. When I drive I don't hear any noise untill I hit 40 mph, after that the noise is starting to get louder and gets loudest at 45 and almost goes away by 50 mph. Thanks & Happy Holidays! Humming Rear Driver Side Only Around 70mph. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Honda Pilot based on all problems reported for the Pilot. Only when I'm cruising at the 45-50 mph range. just got charged $300+ to fix ball joints on upper and lower. My 2005 hybrid has this noise, often occurs at 50-ish mph, and the weather is warm. When I go faster, like 60-75 mph, the whirring noise gets much louder. During acceleration there is a humming/whining noise then a rattling noise comes as well during 30 - 40 mph. 4 Jul 2016 The humming starts off with a lower tone (almost like a small plane flying overhead) and gets louder at certain speeds (35-40mph; 55-65 mph). But will continue on deceleration until about 40 mph coming from the front but hard to tell which side, almost sounds like the rear humming at 40 mph wondering what could this bei hear humming noise at the back when going around 40 mph. Anyone have any experience with a 3rd gen crv making a vibration/humming noise from rear that is only noticed between 40-50 mph. I don't know, but I'll try making those quick turns and do my best to hear which side sounds louder It appears to be coming from the front wheel area driver side. Aug 10, 2010 · I have an AWD 2006 Vibe with 89,000 miles and the last few months it's had a humming noise coming from the rear. My '84 300D starts shaking, underneath, at 55 mph, and goes away quite a bit at 65, but I really didn't like driving from 55 to get to 65 because the shaking was so bad. 3 with 3:42 gears. Every time i step on the gas i get a noise like a loud hum or a sound Noise decreases above 65 and below 55 mph, but also has a peak around 40mph. When I still heard the noise, I was a little frustrated, and took it back in. still does it mad as hell only 100,000 miles. 5'' body lift, 1'' motor mount lift, UCF Ultra High Skid plate for the TT and a 2. I read in the forum that this could be caused by wheel bearings, but my wheels are not loose at all. When I hit 45 mph there is a loud humming noise and it goes away when I hit 50 mph. I got this truck for my Mother as a lease to Jun 04, 2018 · For example looking at how the system is working at speeds above 40 mph that does not make this noise then applying that to speeds between 30-40 mph might solve the noise but make the ESC or fuel economy suffer. Oct 18, 2018 · Not sure if it's the same thing I'm getting but I describe my strange noise as a wind buffeting sound, like a rear window is down. Honda had TSB (or recall) for 2005-2007 hybrid to correct the issue. 7l I5. I also have a 2. The noise has Aug 12, 2015 · i've had my 2005 tundra for almost 6 years. Is it my wheel bearings? - My car is making a humming noise over 40 mph. Masive leak around timing cover on my 2001 alero 2. If I correct the Jeep to A4 (B5 Platform) Discussion - My car is making a humming noise over 40 mph. They had received an alert for the issue at some point. tranny and thought maybe that is where the noise is coming from, but when I push in the clutch and coast, its still there. The noise is constant, doesn't change while turning. Mine has a hum from 30-50, and more of a vibration/rumble from 50-65. 11 Oct 2017 The symptoms you're describing sounds like that of a faulty wheel bearing or even a choppy Tire. Had similar issue on the opposite rear passenger side around 60K (yep, right after warranty expires), where it would start humming around 50mph. Mar 24, 2011 · Strange one this. The issue I have is my '17 Civic EX-T Sedan has a mild humming noise at the 35ish mph. com Car Forums! Read real discussions on thousands of topics and get your questions answered. Recently in this past year I began to hear a really overpowering humming noise when my car's speed reaches about 40-45 mph and I don't know what it could be. , parking lots). I'm referring to a separate second sound that is being described above as a high-pitched sound, like "air being squeaked out of a balloon". It's not high-pitched like when brake pads start to go (I know what that sounds Re: Weird intermittent humming noise Take a look at your tires; check the sidewalls to see if there is any bulging. i took it to the shop and they had it there for a week,they told me it was the u joint, but when they changed it the noise was still there they also Mar 13, 2014 · Subaru - Outback :: Low Humming / Moaning When Gets Up To About 40 - 45 Mph. it's sort of like the noise you would hear when driving over the buzz lines on a highway to wake you up . It is a dull humming Feb 25, 2016 · Subaru - Outback :: Low Humming Noise Started At Around 40 MPH Or So - Front Engine Cowling. they said no. If I heavily accelerate through the 40-50 mph mark it doesn't have that shake. Mar 30, 2020 · I did, was more around 30-20 range. My 2006 RAV4 Ltd. but as i gain speed around 70 mph and up it goes away do you know what iti is?pls help 2. This humming sound starts lower at around 40 MPH. Somewhere around Colorado, in the mist of shitty weather around denver I started noticing a strange noise. A bad wheel bearing sound is usually a loud hum coming from that wheel sort of like loud At very low speeds (less than 5 miles per hour) you may be able to actually feel hearing this humming noise once I get up to around 60-70 mph and over. The sound will continue whether the speed is up or down Hi, I have a 2001 Dodge Ram 1500. It then is quiet at highways speeds? Any Most of the time a humming noise while driving is caused by tires chopping or cupping. Also, I can feel vibration on gas pedal when I hit 55 mph. Sometimes its rythmic(4 se I have just bought RAV4 2008 with 4 cylinders engine and I am hearing this Humming noise at velocity of about 40 KPH. The noise is not coming from the engine, it sounds like it is coming from under the car like in the drivetrain. The best way confirm the cause of the noise is to have a certified technician put the car on a lift and spin the wheels. Oct 11, 2017 · Q: I have a humming sound on acceleration mainly when over 40mph also a vibration feeling in gas pedal. it doesnt bind up on turns drives fine just that whining humming noise at 60mph goes away when i hit 70mph anyone have any ideas?? thanks joe. TOYOTA dealership is not familiar with this noise and they keep telling me that it is probably an inherent sound and that I don't need to worry. I've read from other posters that the problem is related to the drive-shaft or drive train problems. and it has a light Oct 07, 2012 · hello everyone my car started making a whining noise at about 60mph cant notice it any lower than that its not super loud and i cant hear is with the radio on i drive a 2004 wrx no mods except cat back exhaust. Sound doesn't get louder at fast speeds and isn't always there. I was thinking wheel bearing too, though there is no excessive play in the hub. I have this noise no matter what speed I drive, at 30, 40, or 70 mph, I hear it as long as I press the gas pedal a bit. the only real way to tell is to jack it up and check them 1 by 1 by rotating the wheels by hand. 50 mph. Only noticiable when coasting (no accelerator applied). Mar 24, 2011 · Re: Hum at 40-60 mph. louis three days ago no issues at all. Is it my wheel bearings? I had it in the local Subaru shot once; they replaced the left front hub bearing, thinking that was the noise I was talking about. I think it's a wheel bearing or cv joint not i have a 2000 merc cougar v-6 auto, when i get up to around 40 mph, there is a real bad humming noise, i checked wheel bearings, no play at all in front wheels, i grabbed ahold of the tranxaxles and shook on them and there is no play in them either. It feels like I am going over a rough patch in the road but it is not. No sound when turning Im having kind of a similar problem with a humming noise on my car. This issue happens when i have the car mph near 40 and slightly hit the accelerator. Forums > Nissan Models > Armada Roar noise and slight vibration going over 40 mph: User Name Have the weather stripping around all doors checked to see that they Transmission started sliipping started jerking while driving, alsosounded like tires were making noise especially around 40 mph. It was like this since the car was brand new. my 2000 that has around 185,000 miles on Loud noise my problem is when i'm running around 40 mph i hear a loud noise i don't know what is it. Hi, I can hear some sort of humming/whirring noise when I drive the car in an straight line. I replaced the tires and it is still there. Other worn vehicle parts can mimic the noise or feel of faulty transmission parts, so it becomes important how to identify noises I bought the truck from a family member. i changed my wheel and tire from 17" to 19" still humming(17" or 19" wheel and tire no matter) 2. But today there seems to be a humming noise when I hit the gas around 40 to 50 mph. Based on my reading, mainly on this site, it looks like it could be the following: • Viscous coupling bearings Jan 10, 2013 · Hi guys Bit of an issue, From 40mph upwards I hear a noticeable humming. No vibrations, and no change in tone etc. Yes it's serious. Sounds like a simulator situation I'm having. I would recommend checking your tires for  Howdy y'all, I have a 2005 off road 4x4 and recently I've started to experience this strange humming noise at around 30-40 mph. The noise gets louder with speed, occuring at 30 MPH upwards. The higher the speed the louder the hum. Rear Differential Noise. I have a 2006 chevy equinox with 105,000 miles. I haven't had very many complaints with it. Jun 27, 2017 · 2007 hummer h3, has a whining humming noise between 40mph-50mph when pressing on the pedal, but not when coasting in that speed range. I also can keep the noise going for a bit if i keep my foot at the right spot At about 350 miles I have started to notice an annoying whine or humming sound at about 40 mph. You'll sooon notice the noisy 1. Put the car on jack stands put it in drive got to 35-40 mph no noise. Honda Pilot owners have reported 18 problems related to transmission noise (under the power train category). wheel bearings. Push in clutch at speed and engine at idle and sound is still there. The same kind of noise that you would hear from a Oct 31, 2017 · The other noise you might be accustomed to is that of a loud exhaust system. I had this happen on my Taurus; made the same sort of sound until I blew the tread off the right rear tire at 70 mph. 2015 frontier SV 4x4 w/ 37,000 miles. Services done as recommended and then some. Only happens once in awhile and I first noticed it when backing out of a parking spot (slow speed, turning the wheel). Typically around 45 MPH is when sounds will start coming from the rear end. New tires did not help. Of course the noise level is much lesser than the jet noise. I discovered a similar noise in my truck today, mine kind of pulses though, thought it was tire noise but the pulses are waay slower than the tires rotation. so I know how to detect a bad one. I noticed a low humming noise lately on my wife's 2007 Outback which started at around 40 MPH or so. Any ideas? Nov 16, 2013 · sub'd. Only hums around 50 mph an above and sound level matches with speed of car (decreases and increases)Dealership says it is feedback noise from engine coming in through speakers. I made a YouTube video, the sound starts at 2. Jul 17, 2016 · The noise becomes louder as the speed increases. There are no warning lights on the car, nor is there a noise until I get over 50 mph. It sounds like there is a single engine small airplane. Anybody with an '03 F150 supercrew that has a humming noise that starts around 40-45 MPH and goes away at 55 MPH? I have noticed this in my truck and have heard it in another '03 F150 super that is 2wd. The noise is mostly loud around 40-45 mph, and it gets less around 50 mph. Hummmm, hummm, hummmm 2009 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Jul 21, 2017 · I am having a similar issue with my 2013 SRX only 49,000 miles. I thought it might be something with the added roof rack attachment or tires which are Michellen Rain Force tires installed about a year ago. Doesn't make the sound when I am excellerating fast to get on a freeway. I've been hearing a strange humming sound at about 40 mph. I am not sure whether there is no noise at speeds lower than 20 MPH, or the noise intensity is If this has an effect on the humming noise, the problem is with the tires. I replaced one last year. When i release the accelerator the noise stops, if i increase the acceleration the noise stops. If it is an issue with the ESC changing it's programming might affect how well that system works within the 30-40 mph range. I Nov 01, 2007 · I have 05 Jeep Liberty 4x4 with 40,000 miles. I have taken several pretty long road trips this year with no issues but after I got back from the last one I noticed that there is a lot of noise whenever the vehicle gets up over 40 mph. Increases by 55-60 MPH and then remains constant. It usually occurs when I get to speeds of 40-45MPH+, and it sounds like it spools up and holds at a certain pitch. The lug nuts for the tire are bolted to the hub which is secured by the wheel bearing. SOLVED Something is humming and slowing my Jeep SOLVED! A few weeks ago I started to notice a humming or subtle grinding noise from the front of my Jeep that Jan 22, 2014 · Hearing an increase in the level of humming noises or gear grinding is a way of knowing almost for sure that you have a worn out differential. Brand: Humming noise on road: Is it the tires or the wheels? When I go around a curve or make a turn, the humming May 05, 2017 · I have a very faint humming sound, sounds like a tire noise when slowing down and driving around 40mph. Does is around 1400-2200 rpm. If I speed up or slow down, the noise and vibration stop. It sounds somehting like whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa. I know that it is not the rear wheel bearings as I have checked them. it sounds like a when you're inside a tunnel and you hear a round humming sound or anything like that. Took it to repair shop thinking it was the bearings but nope. So I am wheel bearing or tire noise? The grumbling starts around 40, after 55 the The noise is "harmonic drone", from your speakers. 0 v8 and its making a loud humming noise when driving at speeds of 35-60 mph. I am wondering if a wheel bearing mightr be going bad. not constant. Only at this speed, what could be causing this? I just bought the cars for my kids. I  makes a humming sound starting between 30 and 40 mph then it I start to hear the humming noise at 20 mph, it is very loud at 40 to 50 mph . I've changed, rotors, brakes front wheel assemblies. So, starting with oil change and perhaps the harmonic vibration dampener pad on the front diff, otherwise I think its diff bearing Around 30-40 mph (seems to go away after that or the motor is just too loud, dont notice it before 30 though) i have a really good growling, humming sound like loud tire noise that seems to be coming from my drivers side front, and i can feel a slight but noticable vibration/grinding in my feet Mar 14, 2010 · What causes a humming noise when I am driving What causes a loud humming or roaring noise on a 1999 Dodge Caravan that is heard around 40 mph What would cause a humming noise at 40 mph Anyone notice a humming noise/sound when you turn on the Low-Beams? Not sure if that makes a difference but it's for an Si, and I installed AStar G2 LED bulbs on mine. The sound is kind of like a rattling, but Apr 14, 2012 · Discussion in ' General Discussion ' started by Brewcity, Apr 14, 2012 . I have noticed an odd humming sound that seems to come from the front passenger side tire or from something in that area but it only happens when turning right and going above 40 MPH. 5 EB, HR - my van has a vibration and humming noise that we can not seem to locate. The noise seems to depend only on speed as it is independent of revs or throttle. Took the front tires off and supported front axles to replicate weight while driving. Nov 10, 2009 · My car makes a very loud humming noise at 40-45 mph, what is wrong? I have a 2001 Ford Escort. I've also checked the front wheel bearings. i have a 2000 merc cougar v-6 auto, when i get up to around 40 mph, there is a real bad humming noise, i checked wheel bearings, no play at all in front wheels, i grabbed ahold of the tranxaxles and shook on them and there is no play in them either. It's not very loud. If the whistle persists, then it's not caused by engine or transmission components. My mechanic was not able to find out any thing wrong. My car only has 12,000 miles on it. I contacted Tom Woods and got the correct SYE kit and shaft and i know my angle is correct. It didn't rid of her noise completely, but it Oct 12, 2013 · hey all . How do I know or test if its a wheel bearing or something in the gearbox/ transmission?? The transmission fluid is ok and I can't think of anything else . The noise can best be described as something similar to the electric motor of the treadmill at a gym, but louder. When the trans shifts into 6th at around 35-40mph there is a humming from the trans, sort of like a bad bearing noise, I originally thought it was the tires, but if you keep the speed the same and either shift up or down the noise goes away. So starting about a week ago I have this funky sound from the front passenger wheel area. Oct 14, 2010 · 2003 Alero - loud humming sound at 40 MPH + Alero Car the noise should be related to vehicle speed, not engine rpm. I'm getting an irritating humming noise which is felt throughout the vehicle. No luck. I'm wondering if anyone has had experience with a very loud humming noise once the car reaches 40 MPH. The key things to note are:-It ONLY happens when under load (about 5-10% throttle) loud humming noise I took my truck to the dealer finally. The tread looks good, and the tires have only 24,000 miles on them. The sounds seem to be coming from the driver's side of the vehicle or the engine. Rotated tires to rule out any tire issues and noise is still present from rear end Nov 20, 2018 · I noticed this has been discussed a bit in the forum. Hey Everyone, I have a humming noise coming from the rear (at least that where is sounds like it is coming from ) on my 2002 CR-V. You may have a cord inside the tire that is broke. If I let up on the gas, it stops. Now if this happens to be a front wheel bearing, would I be able to mimic this if I had the car jacked up and spun the wheel by hand, considering that I'm able to distinctly hear the noise at 40 mph and up? Humming and Ratling noise upon acceleration 16 Answers. My 2007 Ford Escape has a noise that seems to come from behind the instrument panel when driven over 40 mph. What could cause this? it was fine all summer and fall until the over night I'm trying to see what the possible issues could be. Accident on or Around the Wheel Area Once you hear these noises, drive slowly at 40 mph to determine which wheel is making a grinding noise. This is likely if the noise shows up after you have rotated your ties, or have not rotated them in a long time. 2005 CRV SE with 165,000 miles. I have a 2009 AWD NISSAN MURANO: there is a humming sound that  Why is there would be a faint humming noise when i hit 40+ mph and it is a consistent humming, doesn't get louder with speed. Oct 16, 2014 · I have a 2014 Limited Diesel, which was purchase in July 2014 and now has a about 9800, mostly highway, miles. It seems to occur more on uphills. 5" suspension lift. The vibration seems constant and can be felt even at idle when in gear, the noise appears most evident at speeds of 65-95 km, and frequency changes with speed We have balanced tires, tried a Is the noise a constant drone, or does it say make one noise every rotation of the wheel, which becomes a drone type noise with the increase in speed? I had a cv boot split, which made quite a lot of noise suprisingly, and would stop and start depending on where the wheels were pointing. No I haven't turned on any corners at 40 mph, I have stock 16" BBS (wolfsburg) 01 - Jetta - loud humming sound when at 40mph (benny_mech) Which it did because These "humming" or bearing noise posts are getting more common it seems, here and on T120. Jun 04, 2011 · Next time you are driving around 40 mph, put the car in neutral and coast. 5" lift, 33" tires with Rubicon wheeels (about 4k miles on tires), sye/cv, and 45k miles on the jeep. Rumble at 40 mph, 1,500 rpm Just wanted to add my experiences to this thread. It does not sound like my wheel bearings because I don't hear Humming noise My 2009 MB makes a "droid" noise ate around 40 mph and ist feels like my ears are being pressurized. So not sure where it's coming from. It has been reported to also sometimes be heard around 50MPH. 4 with 42,000 miles on it last friday. I could hear them at certain physical locations but not others so could be tire road combo? Don't know May 10, 2013 · I noticed a while ago a humming or whining noise at about 40 to 45 mph. It seems to persist whether or  21 Oct 2011 When I go around a curve or make a turn, the humming stops. My concern is now the dealer has replaced the TSB: Active Noise Cancellation Module and the noise persists. I've done a lot of searching and I assumed it was a wheel bearing, but every description I've read of that sound makes me believe that sound is cyclical and Feb 17, 2011 · My 2006 rav 4 cylinder has recently starting making a loud noise/vibration. They think the trans (6 speed) is on it's way out. I The OP referred to a "low pitched humming or buzzing noise" that starts after 30-40 mph. Around between 40- 50 mph I get that humming squeak noise, sometimes it sounds like from the front left wheel, other from the front right, a Fri says it's coming from the back. Dec 15, 2017 · need help i have a 2017 trd tundra my first and maybe last when running at a steady speed of 55-65 i get a loud humming noise in the cab if i let off on gas it goes away but returns when i get back to steady speed dealer says nature of the beast this is very annoying and driving me to trade i have less than 3000 miles on truck 2001 Odyssey started making a low volume humming sound. The intensity of the noise is proportional to the speed, and it starts when the speed goes beyond 20 MPH. e. It goes away at higher speeds but when I let off the gas and it comes back down to 40mph the sound comes back. I thought it might be tires, but I put different wheels and tires on it and it made no difference. if you hear the same sound than you'll proubly need new ones. one other possiblity is that maybe the front tires wore unevenly. I don't hear any sounds until I take it close to 50 mph and let off the gas pedal, in which case I will hear a knocking sound. It's especially noticeable on the backroads that just got paved near my place because when I let go of the accelerator at 50mph and just let the car glide, you can tell there is a humming noise there that is winding down (since i'm off the accelerator). It only makes the humming noise when im at around 40 mph at 2000 rpms but it gets quieter(if not goes away) at any other speed and i can kind of feel it in the steering wheel. What possible can be the problem? I do see lots of brake dust/black dust on one side Although most vehicle transmission noises relate to internal parts and cannot be seen, their behavior and sound frequency always deal with a moving part according to engine rpm or pressure. They went out on a test ride with me, and we drove about 1/4 mile and the mechanic told me to turn around and go back to the dealer's shop. These seem fine to me as well. i would get up to about 50 mph or so and then coast down to 40 or lower. I have a speed-dependent (not affected by RPM's/motor revving) hum that starts at about 40-mph and continues until I reach over 70mph. There is a noticeable humming sound from the engine when the speed approaching 40 mph. Nov 19, 2018 · It’s a light to medium vibration, that makes a noise that almost sounds like a dump truck with its jake brake on going down a hill. It does sound exactly like a rumble strip, but I do not feel a vibration. As I mentioned before, if roaring noises are heard this should be addressed as soon as possible. Humming/Whining noise between 40 and 50 MPH? I've got the same sound, comes on around 55 and goes away around 70, sound just like a ring and pinion the way it I have a 97 honda accord and recently have been hearing a grinding/low humming noise and have felt very slight difference in drive feel. i do know my control arms are bad, but i dont Dec 26, 2008 · She said there's a humming noise from the rear. 50+ mph no humming could this be low diff oil? Do you experience the highway-speed hum, vibration or droning noise in your Transit? I just went through the vibration and humming noise thread collecting bits of data looking for a pattern. I get this whirling/humming sound in my cab at around 50-60 mph when I'm excellerating normally or easily. if i gas it pass 40 it doesn't do it. At first on a road trip they had to re-configure the module which took noise away at high speeds but made them 10x worse at low Have a whine or humming sound when driving at speeds from about 35 mph to 75 or so, seems like when I back off of the accelerator the whine or hum gets softer as I increase speed the pitch gets higher until I reach about 75 mph then it almost goes away. Jan 25, 2011 · I have a 2006 civic which recently is making a loud humming noise when driving at all speeds, but especially at speeds above 50mph. No odd sounds when turning left. Cant hear the sound with the windows rolled down either? The sound isn't consistent it pulses at about two hums a second When driving over 50 mph, my car makes a loud humming noise. I am going BTW - The problem is a noticeable buzzing or humming noise heard while driving between 78-80MPH. I have rolled down / front end noise ,not wheel bearing. Not wheel bearings. In fact, a year went by before I even tried going faster than 55. It is very stiff to turn, I think the caliper has seized and is not releasing completely, the disk also has some Anyone who has the 60-75 mph hum please respond here Submitted by timmsteiner on September 14, 2013 Ive read the older threads about it, especially about some who have had the drivetrain replaced. This only occurs when hitting the gas at 38-40 mph and when the rpms are around 1500-1600. i noticed that when i stepped on the accerlertor the engine, or what i believe to be the engine, starts making a rapidly moving ch-ch-ch-ch sound. Havent taken it in because I dont think it What would cause a humming noise at 40 mph in a 97 Sable with 103000 96 Jeep Grand Cherokee experiencing a loud humming noise in front end when going around corners it has 140000 miles and new Front-end Noise at 40mph & 60mph Intrigue Car Forums Only at 40 and 60? Possibly tires? and it cost around $50. The problem disappears when at any other speed. But if I ease off the gas pedal, the sound goes away. My car has an automatic transmission. A variety of things could cause your tires to make noise. i've noticed the sound around 35 mph, 45 After drving it around alot over the weekend, I have isolated the noise from the front of the car, especially on the drivers side. It gets progressively louder between 40-50 mph. The steering wheel and gas pedal vibrate at a very high frequency and you feel it once you take your foot off the gas or your hands off the pedal. He checked wheel bearings for any play and checked all Hey did you ever find out what the noise wa becasue my 2006 kia spectra is making the same noise when i let go of the accelerater and it makes the humming noise only at 40mph untill it drops to about 35ish i been driving it like that for over a year and took it to 3 mechanicas 2 which said it was nothing and one who said " The Transaxel final drive was starting to have excessive bearing play at first the road noise made me think it was caused by the alignment being off, or the tires haveing uneven wear, but this noise wasn't present before I replaced the hub asym. I have a man. Noise seems to be the front of the truck. humming noise around 40 mph

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