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I cannot set my monitor to a 60Hz refresh rate. It will only do 4k 30Hz/30fps with the 2 HDMI 1. Oct 01, 2017 · A bigger monitor typically means a more immersive experience, but monitors above a 30-inch diagonal tend to cost a ton of money. . Philips has launched a new 32-inch 4K Ultra HD monitor aimed at creative professionals, one that acts as a USB-C docking station for a MacBook or MacBook Pro, as well as display features like HDR Jul 02, 2018 · So while 4K UHD is, in fact, a real term, it does not deliver the full quality of cinematic 4K. The TV has 3 HDMI sockets. 0 or Display Port 1. Hi there, I have just purchased a Thunderbolt Dock G2 to use with a HP EliteBook 840 G5 that I have from work. Can someone give me the run down? My specs are below The problem IS NOT the mouse driver or mouse settings. Its an issue with the controller board in the monitor. (from cables. On my 4k Asus screen over Displayport 1. 0 port. 2 enabled in OSD. Right now the only display cable that can handle 4K 144Hz bandwidth is DisplayPort 1. Ultra HD 4K 30Hz Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for StarTech. I can only use my Monitor (4k) at 30Hz which sucks. Earlier revisions are limited to 30Hz at the native resolution but support 60Hz at lower resolutions such as 1920 x 1080. Nov 27, 2017 · This is a very limited sample size but I own and use a 50" 4K monitor from Wasabi Mango and a 50" 4k tv from Samsung. Two integrated 7W speakers are also found at the back, above and the VESA holes. But all that is changing. i cant change it to 60. My refresh rate is now fixed at 30Hz and I cannot change it. I updated the drivers for my R9 390 and suddenly my main Monitor went blank. Read Now Jun 13, 2014 · Samsung’s U28D590D is a 28-inch 4k monitor that supports full 4k resolution at 60Hz via a DisplayPort 1. You might be able to get away with 4K @ 30Hz, but that's going to be a garbage experience. I only get 30Hz refresh rate. 0 will only deliver 30hz and many of the 4k displays out there are limited to 30hz. CB280HK 4k monitor Flickers Black. At 4K resolution refresh rate is limited to max. in. May 01, 2012 · I'm stumped. Myself, I really wouldnt go with 4k for a monitor for games at this current time. My colleague Viktor Klimo has achieved 4K @30Hz with dual-link DVI out of an Nvidia GT 730. and no more bad screen scaling. 0 cable and can output at 4k at 60hz no problems. New 4K TV, but stuck at 30fps. What Do You Have? At this point of time, you’re probably looking at that 4K monitor or TV you’ve got, and wondering how much truth exactly is there to it. Browse categories, post your questions, or just chat with other members. 4 Jun 2016 Sadly, the MacBook only supports 30 Hz out of the box for 4K resolution. Natural color reproduction with soft color transitions is achieved, in particular, by playlist 1 billion colors. 2 on the Monitor OSD, it works fine, but I'm stuck at 30Hz and 3840 x 2160. 4 handles 4k @ 30Hz. if iam not mistaken. I didn't know there was a secondary monitor  13 Apr 2015 W550s External 4k monitor stuck at 30hz 3840x2160. Turns out the way Dell is able to sell a 4K panel at $700 is by limiting the screen refresh rate. Hi! I recently bought a 32" 4k monitor Samsung UR59C for my HP ProDesk 600 G1 mini. I borrowed this adapter to a collegue that has Penttium G4560 (Kaby Lake with HD 610) - he's getting 4K/60Hz with LE 9 (unsure which build though). Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for LG 24UD58 24 inch 4K UHD IPS Monitor (3840 x 2160, 2x HDMI, DisplayPort, 250 cd/m2, 5ms, AMD Freesync) at Amazon. 0 4K (3840x2160) 30Hz 1. i want to downscale all my games to 1080p 60 hz. I'm currently having the same issue. (at least this is what the description says). Panasonic 4k UHD TV as my but i figured when i was on Windows 8 this 4K monitor was plain awful to my FULL HD liking desktop resolution. Dell 8K Dual Displayport 1. 4 (GPUZ details) Seiki Digital SE39UY04 39" 4K UHDTV (MONINFO technical details from EDID) I am using this set it as a pc monitor. 1 to my PC (750 TI with no DisplayPort) and it is stuck at 30hz even though the monitor has 60hz. (Installed from sratch). I can connect my NVIDIA shield TV 2017 to this port using a hdmi 2. Jan 12, 2018 · I bought a LG 27UD58-B 27-Inch 4K monitor and when I connect with the provided HDMI 2. Great color and features. xrandr displays it as having a '30+' refresh rate Nice size Monitor, wanted to upgrade from my 28inch Monitor to a 4K for my gaming! clear picture and with games works very well and will not disappoint you! only going to give 4 stars because first the power plug is a two pin euro connection but if you have an old or spare PC power cable this is fine to connect it to! also the buttons are Buy LG 24 inch Gaming 4K UHD Monitor - 4K UHD, IPS Panel with HDMI, Display, Audio Out, Heaphone Ports - 24UD58 (Black) online at low price in India on Amazon. 5” UJ59 monitor. My monitor specs are below and can handle 60hz but I am not sure why I should (or why people say) to go to 30. January 2015 in Monitors. 0 port with a Samsung (UN40JU6500) and Sony (XBR43X830C) set and both are stuck at 30Hz. My nvidia card it was easy to create them but after much searching and trying several utilities I am still stuck at 30hz. 1 and 10 the refresh rate was correctly set to 60Hz. The new 28-inch LED Aug 29, 2015 · 1) Correct. I know the TV itself is working fine, as I've had no issue running at 4K 60hz on my desktop PC, and I've used the same HDMI cable with the laptop. A lot of outstanding and advanced features make it a unanimous choice for many technology enthusiasts out there who want everything just about Unfortunately, they don't make this monitor in 4k. There are several 4k monitors for the PC being advertised, various prices - mixed reviews. 저는 LG 27UD58 이란 4k모니터와 기가바이트 GTX970을 사용하고 있습니다. Nov 19, 2015 · My monitor is an AOC U2868-1 26" 4k Monitor on a DP connection. This year we have seen the monitor market really come into I found the 28" 4K monitor too small for Windows 10, while the 32" Benq is large enough for me to run native 4K. Tried the HDMI 2. The monitor supports 3840 x 2160 @ 60Hz when using HDMI 2. Adopting a TN panel though, so this is the budget friendly version you can get for under 700 USD. The refresh rate on the TV has nothing to do with the HDMI connection. My video card's HDMI only supports 4K at 30 Hz, while the two display port on my video card both work at full 4K @ 60 Hz. 2 5K (5120x2880) 30Hz 1. I'm using the DVI to HDMI adapter that came in the box because I had to. Some seem to auto downgrade to 30Hz when you try to enable 2160 instead of 1080. 4K 60Hz TV stuck at 30 hz box my Sceptre U40 4K TV is being seen as only supporting 3840 x 2160 30Hz. Jan 24, 2014 · But that leads us the next problem with Dell's 28-inch 4K monitor, and possibly the other two as well. You'll find solid 4K displays on sale for $400 (albeit at 30hz pbtech. However, I can only get 30hz at 4k. 0 ports and I hook up my PS4 Pro via an HDMI 2. On Windows using DP port and this P to HDMI adapter I'm getting 4K/60Hz even in 4:4:4 (RGB) mode with no issues. Other devices yield full 60Hz. 0 by looking at the specs. Also, Firmware updates or drivers will not give you 60hz @ 4k on a Seiki, it just allows 120hz @ 1080p on the 39" model, instead of frame skipping. The iMAC has a 4k or is it a 5k monitor. SGumley Member Posts: 1. and Now on windows 10 iam, and re plugged my 4k monitor. ). 12. Jun 20, 2015 · At my full res I can only achieve 30HZ. Display Port 1. Open your eyes to breathtaking levels of detail with the ASUS PB287Q True 4K ultra-high definition (4K UHD) monitor. Big names include Samsung, LG, Acer and HP, all of whom make reliable displays (although with major price variations). 2 connection. But like Feb 05, 2018 · 1) Replacing the HDMI cable with a brand new one (the new one is HDMI 2. 0 on MP late 2015 It just seems to work now, I guess an update was posted :? Hi guys! I have this problem I tried a whole day solving, googling but nothing helped. Just upgraded to a GTX 960 hoping to use an HDTV w/ 60Hz 4:4:4 chroma as a monitor. I certainly don't want to run all my games at 30fps, if I did I'd have a console! Hi, I just recently purchased a W550s for work. Top. That would get 5 stars, the UJ590 gets three Feb 04, 2017 · Who wants a 4K monitor if it’s just two panels stuck together, and can’t run faster than 30Hz? Luckily, 2016 has changed all of that. See, for a monitor to run a high resolution in combination with a high refresh rate, the pipe carrying all that information needs to be able to handle the huge amount of bandwidth being pumped through it accordingly. This tutorial should work with most 4K monitors and traditional  I am trying to upgrade the monitor on our lab's confocal microscope stuck at 30 Hz: https://forums. I have the LG 27UD69P. 22 Nov 2016 I have 3 monitors (1200p, 1080p, and a brand-new 4k television). &nbsp; What's goin on here?&nbsp; I'm not exactly in a position to buy a new monitor. I'm using this along with a 144hz 1440p panel. The UJ590 is a competent 4k monitor but doesn't have the build quality, style or stand functionality of the Samsung 32" CF391. Mar 28, 2017 · HDMI 2. So the case for 4K was indeed a weak one. We tested the monitor on high-end Engineering Workstations with $1000 graphics cards as well as the latest Macbook Pro that supports 4k displays. One using the supplied mDP to Digital port (4K at 60Mhz), the other using an HDMI to HDMI (4K at 30Mhz) and I've also got a small Wacom Cintiq using the DVi port on the graphics card. newer hdmi cable that is 2. LG Help Library: [LG webOS TV] – HDMI Ultra HD deep colour . 4K in Retina Mode looks amazing even at 30hz. Your Yoga can't output 4K resolution at 60Hz. Aug 06, 2013 · 4k displays have roughly four times the number of pixels as a standard 1080p display which results in a huge improvement in picture quality. Followers 0. f I reduce my video memory to 512MB, the VM is unusable, screen updates are slowed down quite a lot. I’ll do my best to update this post as I come up with some other ideas. With just the 4K monitor plugged in, it works fine at full 60hz but as soon as the second display (HDMI) gets plugged in, the 4K display defaults back to 30hz. 1. But I specifically bought that cable with the notion it goes up to 4K 60Hz Any suggestions? I had the same issue with my surface book 2. Any help is greatly appreciated also not sure if this is the right thread or not. The HDMI 2. when I drop the resolution to 1080pthe option to chhange the refresh rate is grayed out in the game. 30 Hz is not useable for me. Still am not getting 60hz, the Startech adapter I am using is 4K + 2K - 60hz compatible I got a new lg 4K TV and connected my android tablet (S4) to this TV using HDMI, The TV is stuck on 30hz and emulators run very slow, Disable the vSync causes tearing effect, The problem is: the tablet is streaming in the native TV res. I prefer the 144hz for gaming and most tasks, but having this monitor for photo editing is very nice. Thread it doesn't do 60hz at 4k. The only way to get better refresh rate is changing resolution to 2k which will give you 60hz but this may reduce the sharpness with bad output because it is not your monitor native resolution. 0 will allow 60 Hz UHD 4K and this monitor doesn't appear to include it (other Dell UHD Categories: LG; As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases made using the "Buy from Amazon" links on this page. Now, head to the HotUKDeals 4K monitor listings and find discounts for your chosen type and make of 4K monitor. 0 with all of the necessary hardware to allow for this type of bandwidth so I am I have an ElectrIQ 49inch 4k TV with a hdmi 2. and it feels so fresh, native and eye friendly. Hi,. I'm trying to connect an Acer B286HK external monitor and run it at 3840x2160 60hz. For some reason the highest resolution I can select on the external monitor is 1920x1080 (even though it should support 3840x2160). 0 certified and can do 4k at 60hz). 12K Resolution Tested with 3x 4k Monitors and Triple HD 7970s in Crossfire Most of us are still drooling over having a single 4K monitor setup in our while as 4k is locked to 30Hz they 4k TV as a monitor Current HDMI standards are probably is stuck at 30hz for 4k. As the title says. Dec 26, 2014 · Its been awhile since i posted in here, i Hope you guys still kicking alright. It's a really inexpensive 4K LCD screen that is intended to be used as a television but is being used by many people as a computer monitor. Unfortunately in my Dual monitor configuration the 4K DisplayPort output defaults to 30hz and has no option to increase it. To anybody Having issues my fix on gtx 980ti after buying several displayport cables is get a certified one and up to 2 meters after that you wont get 4k 60hz or upwards. This would be easy to fix if the Resolution options in the Display menu had 1920x1080, but they only go up to 1280x1024! Avoid the hassle of carrying different adapters, with a 2-in-1 USB-C monitor adapter. 4K 30hz is also selectable, and this works fine, so it's as if the output is stuck at HDMI v1. Since i am not planning to add a Dedicated Graphic Card anytime soon, can my specs able to handle 4K Video Black The monitor is also very attractive looking and has a small surround/bezel on the sides. And I have a basic HDMI cord. It's a great and affordable solution if you can live with 30Hz (30Hz for some reason looks better on some monitors than others, looks terrible on 4K televisions when I tried 30Hz via HDMI but looks okay on my Eizo EV3237). 0 cable supports 4k & 60hz also the monitors HDMI outputs support 60hz. 2, I only get 30Hz with 4k. The monitor (LG43Ud79-B) supports 60Hz refresh rate, and Apple TV works fine at 4K 60Hz on the same HDMI input. Sod, did any of you guys got it and tested with your MacBook pro return 2017 with USB-C ? here is the details Displays 1440p stuck at 30Hz? What gives? Native desktop obviously 4k and size set at 200% . 4 for some reason. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. I'm connected via mDP and the monitor is running Dec 06, 2019 · Video card stuck at only 30hz at 4k. Both my monitor and the graphics  24 Mar 2019 I have external 4K monitor that has HDMI included in a packaging, but that one refresh rate is only 30Hz. Often would be working and suddenly would drop back to 30hz after a black flash on the monitor. 1 Pro Update 1 installed. I can not find a way to set the refresh rate to 30Hz. 0. Jun 26, 2015 · Review of the Samsung UE590D 4k UHD Monitor. 0 Displayport Built-in Speakers, US Warranty with fast shipping and top-rated customer service. You might check maximum resolution of your setup. 2 in the monitor's menu. 3 million pixels supporting a wide range of colors and resolving every image with  2017년 8월 23일 안녕하세요. But as long as i have my desktop at 4k/30hz. Windows for some reason installed a generic pnp monitor driver that recognizes my 4k monitor as a MPCP28UHD monitor (monoprice crystal pro) when it is actually an Upstar M280A1. I have: - installed the "big" firmware update released yesterday, - It provides higher resolutions than HDMI and is growing in adoption by electronics manufacturers. No MST in the driver means I'm stuck at 30Hz. 0? I mean I've been running my Pro this way and it's definitely running at 4k in the Display settings, just unsure of the refresh rate - i'd imagine I'd notice 30hz vs 60hz. The problem is. Buy Now 4K 32 inch monitor stuck at 30hz, issue with displayport/GPU? - Hi, i bought the 32" 4k monitor Samsung LU32H850UMUXEN However, i've set  13 Jul 2018 4k60hz monitor stuck in 30hz. Make sure to use displayport for 4K60 though. Unable to set the refresh Great 4K monitor great price Have been using this monitor for 4 weeks now. I have a an LG 27UD58-B 4k monitor and it was 60hz. 4. Easy to set up. But in gamesI can only set 60 hz in the in game settings. I'm not sure if that's just a settings issue, but I have spent quite a bit of time playing with the TV's settings and the text is consistently less clear than the monitor's. My PC‘s CPU is AMD A10 that has built-in GPU capable of 4K at 30Hz (the monitor is capable of 60Hz), had to upgrade PC memory for 8G to 16G to get smooth 4K video play. The monitor has a tilt adjustment, but doesn't have any adjustability for vertical height. Could this be the problem? I cannot find any type of displayport 2. Dell is a renowned name in the production of hefty display technology. Dec 14, 2015 · As you can see, the 4K display flickers on and off. Unfortunately, I am unable to get my 4k to run at 60 Hz. Hello community, I have a T450s with Windows 8. 4 8K (7680x4320) 60Hz DVI. With resolution that's four times higher than Full HD, this ultra high-definition (UHD) monitor delivers stunning images that use a staggering 8 million pixels for unparalleled realism. Nice size Monitor, wanted to upgrade from my 28inch Monitor to a 4K for my gaming! clear picture and with games works very well and will not disappoint you! only going to give 4 stars because first the power plug is a two pin euro connection but if you have an old or spare PC power cable this is fine to connect it to! also the buttons are Join the GeForce community. Getting 4K on a relatively recent Mac has some hang-ups, but is still possible -- and rewarding! AppleInsider explains the ins and outs of how to do so, even on some computers that Apple doesn't Aug 31, 2016 · I have a MBP 16GB RAM, and a Windows 10 VM running at 8-core, 8GB RAM, and 2GB video memory. HDMI 2. There's no option for 60hz at 4k resolution. nz Philips BDM4350UC/75 43" 4K UHD IPS Monitor 3840x2160 , 4xUSB3. I'd rather get a 1080p or Aug 31, 2015 · New Pixel Pusher: LG 31MU97-B 31" 4K Monitor. I'm using a HDMI cable to the 4K monitor, and I can't get pass 30 Hz, even if i switch to the Nvidia control panel to set it to use the Nvidia card for everything, same thing, im still stuck at 30Hz. 60Hz via displayport - at least with a 4K displayport monitor such as  27 Jun 2019 I googled a lot of the suggestions here but nothing seems to work i'm always stuck at 30hz. Using th DVI lead at the moment so stuck to 30Hz @ full resolution. On socket 2 and 3 I can set resolution in desktop to 4 The Samsung UE590 UHD monitor offers PC viewing, gaming and more, all in stunning Ultra HD picture quality. 4 and below only support 30hz at 4k resolution. 0 or DP 1. Any help with fixing this would be appreciated. Only HDMI 2. If Samsung combined the guts of the UJ590 and the case and stand of the CF391, Samsung would have a brilliant 4k monitor. Nov 13, 2015 · Looking to run two 4k monitors from your Surface? Make sure to read this guide so you know what to expect and to save yourself some time. Make sure you have a video card that can display the 4K resolution at 60 Hz. For the time being it's not a huge deal. com. The adapter features a durable aluminum enclosure and can withstand being carried in your travel bag. If you're still stuck at the Buy SCEPTRE U275W-4000R 27" 3840x2160 4K UHD IPS LED Widescreen LCD Monitor with HDMI 1. P2715Q, Refresh rate only 30Hz at 4K I have a I can get 60Hz refresh rate if I drop down to a 2560 x 1440 resolution but that defeats the purpose of the 4K monitor. LG 27UD68-W 4K 27" Monitor 30Hz to 60Hz Monitor/Screen/Display Specs Explained ft. 0 as older hdmi is only able to do 30hz at 4k because of bandwidth issues. This means my gaming is now terrible with 30Hz. Reading some more I'm leaning towards this being the issue. 0+2xDisplayPort+2xHDMI+VGA, MultiView , ( Ex-Demo unit for Clearance , no back order ) Blur Busters UFO Motion Tests with ghosting test, 30fps vs 60fps, 120hz vs 144hz vs 240hz, PWM test, motion blur test, judder test, benchmarks, and more. But, you can probably get 2560x1440 to work at 30hz (vs 60Hz) by setting a custom resolution in your Catalyst Control Center software. The seiki 4k TV I am using runs 1080p 60hz from my Xbox 360 just fine but when I set lower resolutions out of the amd card it just scales and the TV detects it still being at 3840x2160 30hz. co. 2. Nov 23, 2017 · No 1920x1080 resolution option Never had this problem before and the resolution was just fine on Windows 10 until this happened. The only way to get back to 59 or 60 hz is to run in a windowed mode, which does not make any sense for a living room setup. Jul 10, 2018 · 30 fps is kinda low. :'(Attached image of monitor info, my Lenovo "4K" Monitor. Dell went with the 30hz one, to either be first to market, or save a few bucks. Apr-04-20  13 Jun 2014 For instance, you could only use the full 4k resolution at 30Hz, which to the monitor, meaning that you're stuck using it with the original stand. New 4k LG 27UK650 monitor hooked up to pc with supplied display port cable. In advanced settings, I only have 59Hz or 60 Hz option Surface Book can, according to Microsoft, support two 4K (3840X2160) monitors at only 30Hz. I've switched stands and set it 1" off the desk and this makes for much more comfortable viewing. Some GPUs may have maximum output. The PB287Q also delivers an impressive 1ms GTG fast response time and a 60Hz refresh rate; while real 10-bit display colors lets it showcase 1. I have a gtx 780 and i've done some research and i've come to the conclusion that my GPU does support 4k resolution at 60hz. I have a fresh Oct 21, 2015 · Do you think it would make my laptop any slower if I used an external 40 inch 4k monitor with an HDMI cord? Will an external 4K monitor make my laptop slower? HDMI 1. 5 it only works at 4k@30hz, i applied the CoreDisplay-patcher. My monitor is a LG 27" 4K Freesync Monitor 27UD68-B Dec 17, 2018 · This is a weird one: I used to run dual 4K monitors from this PC (both at 60hz b/c 30hz is awful): 1st from PC’s USB-C port (using a USB-C > HDMI cable) 2nd using the Plugable HDMIx2 4K adapter (this category) So the device does work. com/default/topi ew-myths-/. Most laptop still running HDMI 1. 4 Monitor on macOS Catalina. Mar 02, 2014 · Dell UP2414Q UHD monitor. 60hz but I am not sure what the difference would be when running 4. command and rebooted but still i can't find the 4k@60zh option anywhere. You are getting 30hz at 4k, so there is no issue. The Highest Rated 4k Ultra HD Monitor Available for Sale. 2 / high speed HDMI) into the AVR and then the AVR into the TV I only get 30Hz at 4K. Cheapest 4K monitor, very good as main or secondary. I think it is unresolvable, but here goes: I have PC connected to 1080p monitor via HDMI and also to 4K Samsung 55" TV via HDMI. uk) 2) Ensuring TV's HDMI signal is set to "advanced" and not "standard" format. Looking at it now I suspect it might be Dec 15, 2016 · Ever since I got the monitor in July I have been using it at 60hz, just yesterday it was fine playing games at 60 but no matter what i try it only shows the option to go no higher than 30hz. evey time I try 1440p resolution its stays stuck on 30hz. Sep 05, 2018 · Can't change refresh rate to 60hz cuz Windows only shows 30hz:Connected my monitor (Samsung UH750) over HDMI 2. There are also two HDMI ports, but they’ll only do 4k at 30Hz, like the Seiki. 4K TVs, on the other hand, are rarely less than 40-inches, with 50 Jun 25, 2015 · You probably can't get more than 1920x1200 at 60Hz via the monitor's HDMI input. The ASUS PB287Q features a 16:9 aspect ratio WLED display that delivers next-generation 4K UHD visuals, with resolution up to 3840 by 2160. The speed of the UI did improve slightly, but it was still stuck at 30hz and sub-par. Sep 08, 2017 · I just found that LG has come up with a 43 inch 4K monitor and wow, Im blown away! This is what I was actually waiting for. Even when the monitor received 1080p at 60hz, the same lag is still there. OK, wow, actually got my MAC Mini to be able to support 3840x2160 or 1920x1080p HiDPI modes. 07 billion colors. Allan 'Zardon' Campbell May 30, 2014 Featured Tech Reviews, a significant step up from the previous ‘budget’ limitation of 30hz. Should have done a bit more homework as I'm running into the same issue. I also Jan 25, 2017 · Good 30Hz monitor Sign in to follow this . I drive the external monitor and the laptop display at the same time every day at work. I'm currently stuck at 30hz. 구매할때 번들 HDMI케이블은 30hz를 지원하더군요. But since the technology is still relatively new there are a lot of questions and misunderstandings about what you need to run a 4k monitor. Then this morning it inexplicably started refreshing at 30Hz and I cannot seem to set it back to 60Hz (there is no option higher than 30Hz in nvidia-settings). 4K is only smooth on this monitor if you use the Display port 1. With 8. I've heard that the latest Nvidia Web Drivers for Mountain Lion has MST support, so I'm The monitor is set too high imo (I think they did this to allow access to the OSD controls). Can I fo Dec 15, 2017 · Dumb question, but I keep reading about people wanting 30hz vs. I can set it at 1080p 120HZ no worries , 4k 60HZ no worries ( for now Ultimate Guide to 4k IPS Monitors! Covers Features, Comparisons, Pricing & More of the Most Popular and Best 4k IPS Display, Screen, Panel and LCD. Check out LG 24 inch Gaming 4K UHD Monitor - 4K UHD, IPS Panel with HDMI, Display, Audio Out, Heaphone Ports - 24UD58 (Black) reviews, ratings, features, specifications and browse more LG products online at best prices on Amazon. When I'm using Displayport 60hz/4k works. Mar 28, 2018 · Needed to disable all image processing on the monitor's menu settings (this was a Samsung 4K HDTV monitor) and would have to reboot several times to get it to work correctly with the adapter. In Windows 8. Okay, so next year i am about to buy a 4K Monitor for watching blu-ray video Now my question is : 1. the other end as it probes the TV so it sees generic monitor 30hz, at least Jun 06, 2017 · Does the dock support a 4k monitor at 30Hz or 60Hz through the mini display port? Asked by fn from Raleigh; Jun 6, 2017 Flag as inappropriate (Does the dock support a 4k monitor at 30Hz or 60Hz through the mini display port?) So I tried switching from the DisplayPort to an HDMI cable. 1 driver or any drivers for my monitor. However as soon as I There has to be a way, I can't believe that 30hz is the only way to go if you want 4K and HDR. Going 4K for a while was a splendid way to be consigned into a semi-hellish world of Lilliputian icons, illegible software menus, and OS scaling headaches. 0 and 30hz on displayport on a GTX1080. It's a nice monitor but I can't get it working in full 3840 x 2160 resolution at 60Hz, I'm stuck at 30Hz (Actually windows10 selects 29Hz as default, but I can manually change to 30Hz) CPU is Intel Core i5-4570T wit May 11, 2019 · You just answered your own question. This becomes noticeable when working between the integrated display and the monitor. On OSX Sierra 10. 2 (with the appropriate OSD setting selected, as noted previously). 0 cable, will that output at 4k @ 60hz? It should right, as long as it's HDMI 2. The DELL 28 inch Ultra HD 4K Monitor is a new sensation by the manufacturer which is creating vibes in the technology fraternity. It is not without its compromises, but with a few tweaks, it's quite viable as a main (or standalone) monitor. But when I go back in it's changed to 59Hz. With DisplayPort 1. Buy Rocstor Y10A203-A1 Premium USB-C to Dual HDMI Multi Monitor Adapter - 4K 30Hz with fast shipping and top-rated customer service. 2 mode, but no luck. MY GPU is a GTX TITAN X. i have a 4gb rpi 4b and 4k monitor capable of 60hz. The problem IS NOT because the monitor is displaying 4k at 30HZ. Surface Book can, according to Microsoft, support two 4K (3840X2160) monitors at only 30Hz. Tried a different port (on both D6000 and display), checked monitor is in DP1. 60Hz is available and I can select/apply it. Really like it. I was able to set a custom resolution in nvidia control panel 1080p 120 hz. 1 4K (3840x2160) 30Hz 1. in the options i see %175 scaling is set automatically. 2 setting. Still nothing, I can only select 4K up to 30Hz in the list modes :-(I don't have a mini DP to DP cable around, so I can't test that. No SwitchResX or other hacks required. Higher end My external display only has a 30HZ option. 4 & 2. Learn about product installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting using our search options. May 30, 2014 · AOC U2868PQU 4K UHD 28 inch Monitor review. Connected to the dock currently are 2 x Asus VP28UQG that support 4K @ 60Hz over DisplayPort 1. Just as an aside, 4K G-syncs haven't necessarily been stuck at 60hz or even 144hz for a while. What's worse is that software support was iffy at best. 2 enabled on the monitor, I should be able to get 60Hz at 4096 x 2160 resolution, but it flickers as seen in the video. With and without the Denon between the eGPU and the monitor makes no difference, I still get only 30Hz. Though I have made the switch to a 4K monitor for now. I want to know if there is a way to set my games to 60 hz 1080p while leaving my desktop at 4k I use the exact same monitor with my 2015 MacBook. But, according to the documentation for the Surface line, you should be able to run two 4k displays at 60hz, which you can, but not through the dock. Once you know, you Newegg&#33; Nov 26, 2018 · MBP with IG -> MDP-HDMI -> HDMI cable -> Samsung MU7000(HDMI UHD Color: OFF): Stuck at 30 Hz. Again, not ideal. 2560x1440 @ 30Hz works, but is is obviously blurry and not scaled. Sep 02, 2015 · 60hz 4k Dell monitor with GeForce GTX 760? im on a 970 at 4k 60z 28" 10. That is far more likely more universal. However, the Dell U3219Q’s refined capabilities are well worth the cost if you are looking for a well-tuned mixed-use monitor for everyday use. 2015-04-13, 19:15 PM. 3 8K (7680x4320) 30Hz 1. In order to address these questions, we tested a variety of video cards on a 4k monitor to see how the perform at Jun 16, 2017 · In Windows 10 it works as 4k@60hz flawless after enabling the HDMI UHD Color so it can work on 4:4:4 that gives this 4Κ/60Hz. If you can live with 30Hz, this monitor represents a good value. I can only Hi, So i recently got a gtx 980 and a 4k monitor (asus pb287q) and i took out my old 770 and put this bad boy in it, uninstalled the old drivers, installed the new ones (up to date) and got my monitor up and running but when i go into the Nvidia control panel i am only able to achieve 30 and 29 Hz. I had to do two things: Enable DisplayPort version 1. 0 the refresh rate is stuck at 30hz. Can the experts who think 512MB of video memory is enough to support a 4K? Nov 12, 2015 · Hi all, I have the Surface Pro 4 (i5, 8G) connected to my Samsung LU28D590DS 4K monitor. I installed all Updates and all drivers with the Lenovo System Update Tool. 30Hz only. I can get lower resolutions working via DisplayPort, but that’s not ideal. I can't lower the resolution to 1080p or raise the refresh Sep 08, 2018 · Hi, i bought the 32" 4k monitor Samsung LU32H850UMUXEN However, i've set everything up and it's stuck at 30hz. (4K), No problems when connecting to 1080P/720P TV. Monitor: 28" 4K UHD LED U2879VF, up to 80Hz The external monitor is capable of 4K, and my laptop is 2K/4K compatible. But I’m traveling and don’t have any of my USB-C adapters/cables, and have 2 monitors here: A 4K Samsung A “Crossover”-brand monitor that runs at max May 27, 2015 · But I simply get a black screen, it then sais No Signal Display Port and then reverts back to 30hz. When I plug the HDMI directly from the 1060 into the TV I get full 3840x2160 @ 60Hz. What you have is a 60hz panel and they use tricks to make it seem like it's a 120hz for motion. With 28" 4K monitor, I had to scale the image up, and the scaling on Windows 10 and Windows 7 kinda sucks. Sep 18, 2014 · Acer B286HK review you’ll be stuck at 30Hz when running at 4K because of bandwidth limitations in older connectors and cables. Jan 08, 2014 · 28-Inch '4K' Display from Dell Priced at $699, Launches January 23 but you're stuck at 30Hz. However, when I plug it into any HDMI (all of which are HDCP 2. Oct 07, 2017 · Can't get 60hz 4k on TCL 43S405 from computer. Dec 26, 2013 · Hackintosh and a 4K Monitor. , what's up with that? How can I make it 60? Running Juno 5. I just upgraded from my GTX 970 to 1070. I'm trying to  30 Mar 2017 4k 60Hz monitor stuck at 50hz on HDMI 2. Still Windows only shows 30hz or below May 27, 2014 · We've seen plenty of buzz about the beauty of gaming at 3840x2160. 2 plug which no console uses and I expect no console will ever use sadly not even Scorpio. HDMI 1 it was locked in at 30hz, which regardless of what anyone says is a very Oct 03, 2019 · 2019 13" Macbook Stuck at 30hz with 4K but anything above that and I'm stuck at 30hz. The LG 27UD68 (also referred to as the 27UD68-P or 27UD68-W for the black and silver coloured stand, respectively) adds to the ever-expanding range of monitors with VESA Adaptive-Sync. :hmm: This problem started after I reloaded my system. 30Hz (which limits your monitor to displaying 30 frames per May 23, 2015 · Nope. I installed  but anything above that and I'm stuck at 30hz. But I can tell you that given the age of a Thinkpad Yoga 1, it doesn't have However, that 30Hz is also the highest level at which the 13” Retina MacBook Pro will drive a 4K display, so I wouldn’t do any better with a more expensive monitor. I can press Apply/OK/OK. Nov 02, 2015 · Apologies, I meant the OSX route. The R9 295X2 is compatible of running 4K @60hz. The work-arounds for 60Hz and synchronously sending two "halves" of the 4K screen to a monitor is a where the 'Wild West' kicks in. At this point, I’m stuck with a non-working display at 4K resolution over DisplayPort. Nov 12, 2016 · My television, which it plugs into, is full UHD 4K -- the Panasonic TX40DX700. If you have never used a monitor at 30hz, it is an Oct 15, 2014 · Dell P2815Q 28-Inch 4K Ultra HD Monitor Review the 60Hz option at 3840x2160 is missed. If you use the HDMI cable for 4K, make sure to set HDMI to Ultra HD Deep Color, otherwise you'll be stuck @30Hz. 2. in my honest opinion and hours of research with 4k on displayport 1. If you have never used a monitor at 30hz, it is an awful experience, everything feels sluggish and it’s about as annoying as watching a YouTube video where the audio is off by ½ a second. The Asus can do 60hz but only by using 2 cables and splitting the screen into what windows thinks are Dec 01, 2016 · If my 4k Monitor has 2 HDMI 2. With VGA, and HDMI outputs, you can conveniently connect your laptop to any HDMI or VGA-equipped display, using this multiport adapter. Monitor is set to appropriate 1. It should work and as others noted use HDMI or Displayport to connect. July 2019 in Predator Monitors I can't seem to get my refresh rate above 30hz in 3840 x 2160, or I don't have the option to in any settings through  21 Feb 2019 4K screen set to 1920x1080 but still locked at 30Hz How are you connecting the monitor to the PC/graphics card (DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI)?  28 Jun 2019 wonderful, thanks. The off-brand monitor's text is quite a bit clearer. geforce. It could hurt your eyes too. It is now working in 4k even though I am using a resolution of 2304x1296 @ 60Hz HiDPI. 2 the further the signal has to travel the more degrading it gets buy the time it reaches your monitor the source signal is weak so the monitor reports it in Hi, I have an XPS15 9560 connected via USB-C to a D6000, then to a UP3214Q 4K monitor via DisplayPort. Impeccable 4K Ultra-high Definition Visuals Phenomenal Pixel-perfect Detail. It took a lot of searching and some hacking and some serious scares along the way though! Sep 10, 2013 · SOLVED: 4K (3840x2160) resolution for Radeon HD 66xx (Turks) in Windows I've got these items, connected by a single HDMI cable: Radeon HD 6670 "Turks" w/ Catalyst 13. I have tried resetting the resolution on both the operating system and kodi many times; the win-10 desktop is fine, but the KODI GUI just stays where it is. Now my refresh rate is capped at 30Hz. No such issues before. DP Version Maximum Resolution & Refresh Rate 1. The port actually tell you it's 4k 30hz. U28D590D 28" 3840x2160 TN 4K 60Hz 1ms Gaming Widescreen LED Monitor - Black Samsung U28D590 the Main feature of novelty is the resolution 4K (3840×2160), exceeding Full HD (1920×1080) four times. Currently the monitors are working fine at 30Hz, but not at 60Hz According to the Di Hi all, I have a Windows 10 Pro, GTX 670 4GB and Philips BDM4065UC 4K monitor here and have been having this problem forever- I can run it in 4K at 60Hz but only with very old NVidia drivers (352. 4 and for 4k in 60hz needs HDMI 2. Anything newer than that would cause the monitor to only run at 29 Hz or 30HZ, the option for Can't change refresh rate to 60hz cuz Windows only shows 30hz: Connected my monitor (Samsung UH750) over HDMI 2. After doing a lot of reading At this point the only monitor i would even look at is the asus PB287Q for a 4K monitor that is fast enough to handle gaming properly. You could experience a laggy feeling or become nauseated while using a computer with a refresh speed pf 30hz or 30 fps. I had to get a new video card to go with this monitor. It is stuck on 59Hz. In advanced settings, I only have 59Hz or 60 Hz option 4k60hz monitor stuck in 30hz. I cant get 1080p 60 hz in games. The 59 and 60 Hz rates remain Hi, I've just bought two dell p2715q's and have them up and running thjough a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 - 2GB. Up until now, though, that meant spending several grand on a 4K monitor. Jul 22, 2017 · Why is my monitor(?) stuck on 30Hz even though the advertised refresh rate is 60Hz By CardinalHunter , July 22, 2017 in Displays · 20 replies Recommended Posts New 4K/60 display only displays 4K/30 from GTX 970 -- cable issue? still stuck at 30hz. 3840x2160 @ 30Hz works, but there is no option for anything higher in Display Preferences. I checked and the AV receiver is definitely 4K and HDR capable, and of course the 1080ti can produce the images, so I'm at a loss to figure this out. The screen quality then degrades so really there isn't any point. and be permanently stuck with a Thanks for the A2A. Display Resolution, Aspect Ratio Jan 24, 2017 · Hey Everyone, When I set my resolution to anything above 1080p but more importantly when I set it to my desired 4096x2160 resolution, the game refuses to let me go above a 29Hz refresh rate on my 4K TV but when I set the game to 1080p, I am able to set the refresh rate all the way up to 119Hz. If I disable Displayport 1. ISSUES: 1. <-- with "enhanced" I can't even get 4k 30hz (TV signal format needs to be on 'standard' even just to get 30hz at 4k). Asus drives the price down to $650 with its 28-inch The ASUS PB287Q True 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) Monitor is a 28-inch display with resolutions up to 3840 x 2160 and a pixel density of 157 PPI. This week I upgraded to Windows 10 v1511. I have a P2415Q Dell and it's been working brilliantly. 4 plugs it has and is not smooth at all and laggy if you try and run 4k through the HDMI plug. jamesh  I connected my monitor to the Breakaway Puck on my 2018 Mac mini, but it boots with a black screen. My qu LG 27UD68-W - Stuck at 30hz! Hi, I've been running into this weird problem with my LG27UD68-W monitor. I changed the input on the monitor to version 1. At only $200, it's not much more than most 1440p or even some 1080p/1440hz screens at the same size. When I use the same cable plugged into the same port on the TV but connect it to the gtx 1060 I can only get 4k at 30hz. 4K works over HDMI, but only at 30Hz. @sirisy, yes My issue is that while in Win-10, the KODI GUI is stuck at 30hz. Sep 10, 2014 · Monitor Refresh Rate Compared with Examples 720p NeoKronos44. Nov 22, 2016 · Refresh rate incorrectly locks to 30 Hz as a Monitor Profile in DisplayFusion, the monitor reverts back to a 30 Hz refresh rate. @shilch Are your mac os running in 4k on your monitor now ? Do you have any bug ? If everything is working can you tell the step you did ? I am still stuck on 2560x1440 . With my 2015 MBP I used an active thunderbolt2 to hdmi, and I was able to get 4k@60hz. Dell will be releasing another Ultra HD - 4K LCD monitor, the P2815Q. Well the new cards don't come with dual link DVI so for my monitor (Asus VG278HE) I'm stuck at 60hz. 5 successfully rebooted and still stuck at 30hz. Question -- when I use this cable will it  Discover 4K gaming in true widescreen on the 31. com DisplayPort to HDMI Cable – 6ft / 2m - 4K 30Hz – Black – DP to HDMI Adapter Cable for Your 4K HDMI Monitor/TV (DP2HDMM2MB) at Amazon. I am running an external display that is 43" 4K, 30Hz off HDMI 2. 84). You can check if your laptop has HDMI 2. Yup because HDMI 1. 26 Nov 2018 Graphics* -> MDP-HDMI -> Samsung MU7000 4K TV: Stuck at 30Hz. On my Philips 328P6V monitor, using a USB-C to DisplayPort cable with my MacBook Pro (15 inch model from 2019 with Radeon Pro 560X), I first was stuck at 4k@30Hz and couldn't get 4k@60Hz (even though the cable supports it). I am using HDMI 2. Apr 29, 2019 · The cheaper and smaller 4K LG 27UK650 monitor or the value-oriented ViewSonic VP3268-4K represent tough competition at a much friendlier price point. 2) For HDMI, you're going to be stuck at 4K @ 30Hz. It's A Series of Tubes The killer flaw of the Dell P2815Q panel: it's capped at 30Hz when it's at full 3840x2160 resolution. Jan 14, 2014 · If only interested in 4K at 30Hz it is far less of a 'Wild West'. By now, you've probably heard about the Seiki SE39UY04 4K TV. Drivers are updated. I just recently purchased a W550s for work. It's locked at 4k @ 30  1 Oct 2018 I recently upgraded my monitor to this LG 27UD68-W 4K 27", had a few problems at the beginning such as mouse lagging and low quality  Sounds like it has something to do with the HDCP handshake or an initialization of some kind. 0 will be able to but AFAIK its not out yet, so all 4K tv's right now are stuck at 30Hz though some will be upgradeable due to breakout boxes. Win10, Nvidia GeForce 1080ti, 4K/HDR HDMI and Predator XB321HK. It's also worth visiting the sites of some leading 4K monitor manufacturers to get an idea of their latest models. 4k monitor stuck at 30hz

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